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Cloud vs. Wario Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tiers, match-up votes and discussion



SSBU match-up numbers for Cloud vs. Wario

Cloud 6 / Wario 4:
77.6% of the votes
Cloud 5 / Wario 5:
22.4% of the votes

  Total votes for Cloud vs. Wario match-up: 116


Dakai said on October 23, 2020 at 2:44 a.m.

Cloud wins this MU but with Cloud's nerfs from Smash 4 its harder and Wario being a more powerful character than in SSB4.

Cloud's limit now has a 15 second timer nair and uair are much smaller, and some of his moves like down smash and uair are weaker and dair is worse and Wario's chomp heals when eating blade beam. But Cloud still outranges Wario and is faster on the ground but with limit's timer and nair being much smaller and Wario no longer having a frame 6 jumpsquat like in previous games Cloud has a harder time against Wario. Cloud's climhazzard can punish Wario's bair fair and dair on shield if spaced too close and uair and nair which have lots of shield advantage are outranged by Cloud's moves, yes Wario is very fast in the air but Cloud is faster on the ground and spacing with bair is what Cloud will do in neutral and uair to juggle Wario but Wario's nair and dair can trade with it due to uair's hitbox being smaller than in Smash 4.
Wario's landing uair can combo into waft kill confirm but Cloud's ranges makes it hard to do as with every character has to be careful of fully charged waft especially from landing uair which is very dangerous. Cloud's dair can beat Wario's uair and Cloud's dair outlasts Wario's uair, Cloud's forward smash outranges Wario's smash attacks. However Wario is faster than Cloud in the air and with limit having a time limit Cloud is no longer faster than Wario in the air, also Cloud should be careful of being launched off stage for a edge guard and. Also cross slash especially with limit can be useful for spacing in neutral or racking up damage.

With Cloud's nerfs he does worse against Wario compared to Smash 4 but patch 7.0.0 buffs did help Cloud.

Cloud was Wario's worst matchup back in Smash 4 even with the nerfs and buffs respectively Cloud is still a threat to Wario, but some players may say its a even matchup.

My Vote Cloud 6 / Wario 4

Max_0 said on April 15, 2021 at 8:41 a.m.

Cloud vs. Wario is an even matchup.

It's no secret that Cloud has the range advantage against Wario. Cloud can keep Wario out using his aerials if need be and up air is good for juggling. Cloud also has a projectile in the form of Blade Beam, something Wario lacks. Wario has to be weary of the limit versions of Cloud's moves, as one misstep can lead in any of them. Cloud's out of shield Climhazard is also a good tool vs. Wario.

Despite Cloud's strengths, however, Wario has his strengths too, as he can combo Cloud decently well, and even after patch 11.0.0, he still has no trouble doing so, especially into waft. Once Wario gets in, Cloud is in for a world of hurt. Wario also has a far better recovery than Cloud, and has a better off stage game than he does. Cloud's recovery is predictable, so Wario can edge guard him accordingly.

My vote is Cloud 5 / Wario 5.


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