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Pikachu vs. Pit Super Smash Bros. Brawl tiers, match-up votes and discussion



SSBB match-up numbers for Pikachu vs. Pit

Pikachu 6 / Pit 4:
100% of the votes

  Total votes for Pikachu vs. Pit match-up: 117


Earthquakedude said on February 7, 2021 at 7:01 p.m.

One of Pit's slight losing matchups, but not as hard as Meta Knight.

Neutral is pretty interesting in this matchup, as they can both zone each other out from afar, mid range and up close pretty effectively. Pikachu can't zone Pit with T-Jolts as Pit can reflect them nor can it run behind them as an approach as Angel Ring stuffs Pikachu's attempt at a run behind move like dash grab, dash attack, any move out of QAC etc. Pit can't really zone Pikachu out with arrows either however, as Pikachu's general evasiveness and small size make arrows whiff on it, but if Pit is to careless with zoning, Pikachu can easily whiff punish him with Quick Attack. Up close is also interesting as they both have equal to good frame data, but Pikachu's small size makes it hard for Pit to hit but Pit's range advantage means Pikachu won't be able to hold forward quite as much, so it pretty much boils down to Pit will beat out Pikachu's approach with Jab and F tilt or Pikachu with whiff punish Pit with QA for doing a bad option. It pretty much turns into whoever has the lead has the advantage in neutral. KO'ing is also even, as Pikachu has better outright kill moves but it's range disadvantage makes it hard for it to land those kill moves, but Pit's better endurance makes it live longer then Pikachu which balances it out. F smash is particularly good for Pit here.

The tides turn however offstage and in punish game/damage racking, where Pikachu takes this matchup. Pit gets chain grabbed by Pikachu's f throw and d throw. Pikachu can get 2 f throw on Pit, then pummel to get him to 20% and get 4 buffered d throws into a nair putting Pit at almost 60% or a re grab into b throw or f throw, putting Pit offstage where he doesn't want to be. Pit has combos of his own, like f throw shenanigans, but it's nothing compared to Pikachu's damage racking and punish game. They both juggle each other evenly as well, as they both have issues landing against there own uairs, but Pikachu can general mix up it's landings with QA. Offstage is also bad for Pit, like I said earlier. He can't plank with arrows as T-Jolts hugging the stage are a huge hindrance to him. If he chooses to reflect one, Pikachu can go down and edgehog or gimp Pit out of up b. Pit also in general can't return to the stage that safely as thunder wall is hard for him to get through if he goes high and if he goes low he's gotta deal with the new flying-electric type rat throwing T-Jolts at him while watching out for Pika's gimping aerials. Pit can't safely edgeuard Pikachu in return, as QA is way to unpredictable for Pit to deal with, as it's hard to snipe with arrows.

So overall, Pikachu takes this matchup through it's better damage racking and offstage game. Neutral and KO'ing are even however, so it's not worse for Pit, but this matchup is still pretty challenging as Pit has to take the lead at all times to stand a chance. I vote 6/4.

Videos of the matchup: (game 1 only)


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