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Lucas vs. Sheik Super Smash Bros. Brawl tiers, match-up votes and discussion



SSBB match-up numbers for Lucas vs. Sheik

Lucas 2 / Sheik 8:
100% of the votes

  Total votes for Lucas vs. Sheik match-up: 113


datautisticgamer said on May 31, 2016 at 2:05 p.m.

2/8, as Lucas is just another fighter that can get locked in Sheik's forward tilt.

datautisticgamer said on July 29, 2019 at 9:37 a.m.

I actually was somewhat wrong about my analysis, so let's go over it again.

While Ness/Sheik is difficult to call in neutral, Lucas decisively loses footsies here. Needles still outrange PK Fire and are not reliably reflected by forward smash, but CQC is where the boy experiences havoc. Lucas's aerials are too slow (frame 4 dair and frame 5 nair) or have too poor a hitbox placement to disrupt Sheik's combos or give him followups, inhibiting his damage racking. Since Lucas is generally an easier character to punish with more cooldown or landing lag on his aerials and smashes, it is considerably easier for Sheik to get grabs and thus capitalize on his grab release issues. While Lucas technically does have more kill moves than Sheik, they are either very punishable on whiff (up and down smashes) or need absolute, read-like precision to consistently set up (dair to down tilt to fsmash). That, ironically, causes Lucas to suffer from the same problem Sheik does in several other matchups: not being able to commonly score kills until over 140%. Again, the fact that his aerials and throws are less versatile than Ness's means she trounces him in damage racking as well. Recovery and edgeguarding is also where Sheik beasts; Needles have enough priority to hit Lucas out of PK Thunder, and her bair and fair have enough range to do the same thing, alongside knocking Lucas off his tethered Rope Snake. Of course, having to recover high does Lucas no help since Sheik has her grab to punish him on landing, or up and down smashes at higher damages to earn stocks. If Lucas has her offstage, it's one of the few opportunities he has to take stocks at good percentages since he has fair, uair, and sweetspot bair for Chain, and down smash. Sheik can't really Vanish from below either lest Lucas time a ledgehog correctly, but if she manages to return to the ledge and Lucas is still trying to make it back from his aborted gimp attempt, the consequences for Lucas are devastating. If Lucas goes offstage while in neutral advantage, Sheik basically should never be behind him; otherwise she can swiftly turn the tables.

In summary, this matchup is a slaughter fest at top level play. On top of Lucas inheriting Ness' problems of extremely exploitable recovery and vulnerability to Sheik's grab game, he also has to deal with remarkably inferior damage racking and killing potential from how his moves are generally slower (which is not what you want to be against Sheik) and less versatile. This is a prime 2/8.


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