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Jigglypuff vs. Yoshi Super Smash Bros. Brawl tiers, match-up votes and discussion



SSBB match-up numbers for Jigglypuff vs. Yoshi

Jigglypuff 3 / Yoshi 7:
100% of the votes

  Total votes for Jigglypuff vs. Yoshi match-up: 117


Earthquakedude said on April 10, 2019 at 6:57 p.m.

This matchup is just a real struggle for Jigglypuff obviously as Yoshi beats it in almost all areas of the fight.

In the air, Jigglypuff’s best advantage in all her matchups, gets shut down by all of Yoshi’s aerials due to the fact Yoshi has more power, range and utility in his. His Fair and Bair outrange and overpower Jigglypuff’s fair and bair, her two best aerials she uses the most. Yoshi noir also trades nicely with every one of Jigglypuff’s aerials, while also breaking out of strings. Yoshi’s Uair could also kills Jigglypuff vey early, while dair is great shield pressure and damage for Yoshi. Yoshi’s Egg Toss is also a pain in the rear end for Jigglypuff to deal with as it spaces her out, messes with her approach and is a great anti air tool against her. Offstage is still bad for Jigglypuff as Yoshi’s double jump super armour prevents her from edge guarding Yoshi. And like I said earlier, Yoshi’s aerials are just more powerful and have better range than Jigglypuff’s, so she gets outclasses even offstage.

The ground is where it turns even worse for Jigglypuff. She potentially has the worst ground game in Brawl, and Yoshi has a cake walk taking advantage of it. Yoshi has better grounded mobility, but Jigglypuff’s DACUS can help with that, but not enough as Yoshi’s moves on the ground, like in the air, have better range, power and utility than Jigglypuff’s. Jab in particular is a real struggle for her to deal with as it keeps her out and swats her away. Jigllypuff does have her Dacus which can help Egg Toss is a bit more manageable this time around, and Jiggltpuff is pretty small so she can crouch under it, but it still makes approaching rough for her.

Yoshi also can K.O a lot better than her, as she is very light and he has a lot of air release options he can do on her, like an air release up air pr air release forward air if there both near the ledge. Yoshi’s moves also has good shield breaking potential (down special, down air) and Jigglypuff gets instantly K.O’ed if you break her shield. Jigglypuff really only has fun with this matchup if Yoshi is at a high percent, as she can maybe pull off a wall of pain and combat with Yoshi’s double jump armour.

Overall, with Yoshi beating Jigglypuff in the air, ground and neutral, having better K.O options, keeping Jigglypuff in disadvantage and having better range on his moves, I’d say this is one of his best matchups (top 3) and it defiantly warrants a 3/7 vote.

Earthquakedude said on August 14, 2020 at 10:06 p.m.

This another one where I got a lot of information wrong...and it makes me really mad.

Here is a better explanation where I will try to clear up my bad mistakes: Neutral is bad for Jigglypuff, yes, but everything I said was almost wrong. Yoshi’s eggs stop it’s aerial approaches and his great dash back options are lethal to it like Jab and Pivot Grab if it holds forward with an aerial. His bair also beats all it’s aerials, but idk why I said good Yoshi will use that in neutral. Jigglypuff’s DACUS can catch shorthoppy Yoshi’s and it’s crouch can make it safe from a Yoshi holding forward with Bair, but a Yoshi can easily adapt to a Jigglypuff who does this and play around it by playing on the ground as well where Yoshi of course beats Jigglypuff in, which we all know why, although it’s general evasiveness can be annoying. I was also right on grounded egg throw not being a problem for it due to crouch. I was right again on Yoshi’s great shield breaking potential being detrimental to Jigglypuff, but I forgot to mention Jigglypuff shield pressure with Pound and safe lingering aerials is great against Yoshi because he can’t deal with it at all, only being able to do a slow u smash oos which Jigglypuff can drift away from. Yoshi can’t air release Jigglypuff into any moves actually, nor can he gets regrabs, so I was wrong on that (smashwiki said that, but they are wrong.) Offstage I was kind of right on. Jigglypuff can’t edgeguard Yoshi at low percents because of DJ armour, but Yoshi can’t edgeuard Jigglypuff either, only making it’s return to the stage annoying because he can harass it with Eggs and can stay far away from ledge still throwing eggs to avoid sing traps. KO’ing is in Yoshi’s favour though, but for completely different reasons, being although he can’t air release Jigglypuff into anything, he has the raw power advantage and great kill moves against Jigglypuff specifically due to them being anti air and dash back. Combine this with Jigglypuff terrible endurance and it not being able to edgueard or chain any potentially rest confirms due to Yoshi DJ jump armour and nair, Yoshi takes killing by a landslide.

So due to neutral and KO’ing being massively one sided in Yoshi’s favour, and most of Jigglypuff’s gimmicks not working here like great potential edgeguards and rest confirms, it is one of Yoshi’s three matchups where he wins by a counter, although it’s not worse because of Jigglypuff’s good shield pressure And general evasiveness.


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