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Cloud vs. Ness Super Smash Bros. 4 tiers, match-up votes and discussion



SSB4 match-up numbers for Cloud vs. Ness

Cloud 7 / Ness 3:
44.3% of the votes
Cloud 6 / Ness 4:
41.4% of the votes
Cloud 5 / Ness 5:
14.3% of the votes

  Total votes for Cloud vs. Ness match-up: 70


Rosie1818 said on February 1, 2016 at 7:46 p.m.

Really??? We're seriously going to say this is even...Ladies and gentlemen....someone on this site has to say it. Cloud is bad. Sorry, the truth hurts. Cloud is so bad in this game. This matchup is 9-1 Ness if its not a 10 - 0 which is what I think it is. Cloud has no safe on shield options which crushes him in this match. Ness, who relies on punishes, can destroy anything he does. His Blade Beam is incapable of camping Ness out as its too weak and PSI magnet exists. This is one match where you can play Ness aggressively. Cloud is just that bad. Bait out any move, shield it, and then grab him. You can combo him or f-throw off the stage where you can gimp him at 0% with Pk Thunder because his recovery is just like Little Mac's but worse. Pk Flash also destroys Cloud because he can't grab the freakin stage. As Ness, you can air dodge to break out of his Up-b on stage. You can tech his down smash and get out of it. You turn his forward smash into a very bad option because of how bad you can punish it. You can shield and air dodge his side b and shield to get out of it. It just depends on the percent. You can break out of his d-throw to side b combo by DIing left when he throws you. You can air dodge his Uair and punish with yours which is an amazing kill move. The only thing to watch out for is his fully charged down b. This kills Ness at 50%. So treat him like an actual character until he uses it. Its not hard to win this as Ness because Cloud is bottom tier, gimmick, garbage.

Jump said on May 17, 2016 at 9:26 a.m.

I'm going to assume the previous comment was posted before Rosie1818 watched competitive Cloud play.
Cloud wins the neutral. His nair and dair are just too good and Ness struggles against swordsmen. Never be above Cloud. In order for Ness to rack up real damage, he has to get a few perfect shields or properly space Cloud's full hop dair. Ness wins offstage, however. Badly. Like Little Mac, a solid option if your opponent allows it is to fthrow him offstage, wait for the double jump, fair him once or twice out of recovery range, repeat. Cloud gets weight and speed buffs from Limit Break. Cloud has solid kill moves in uair, bair, limit cross slash, blade beam, and finishing touch, and all his smash attacks. He also has a few options while ledgeguarding, so don't get lazy. The best option for Ness in this MU is to get Cloud offstage. Don't get baited into attacking by his charging Limit. If you must attack, foxtrot to him. Bait a roll or a shield, adapt to his style of retreat, and punish accordingly.

Neutral: heavily favors Cloud
Recovery: favors Ness
ledgeguarding: favors Ness


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