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Samus vs. Villager Super Smash Bros. 4 tiers, match-up votes and discussion



SSB4 match-up numbers for Samus vs. Villager

Samus 4 / Villager 6:
60% of the votes
Samus 3 / Villager 7:
22.5% of the votes
Samus 5 / Villager 5:
17.5% of the votes

  Total votes for Samus vs. Villager match-up: 40


Cynado said on January 19, 2015 at 3:17 a.m.

2-8 seems like a bit much...

RegalSwan said on February 21, 2015 at 1:31 p.m.

Let me give a serious retrospective here, since Samus is listed as Villager's best matchup and as such this is likely the first place people are going to see it.

The Villager is an extremely versatile character sporting noticably powerful attacks, an odd weight that allows him to survive most 'kill' attacks and recovery literally outshining every other character in the game.

The most special fact about the Villager, as is known by anyone who's played the game - including me, as I do main them - is that his bread-and-butter for completely annihilating any given character in the game is not a combo, but rather, his neutral special 'Pocket'.

'Pocket' supplies him with a short-term bout of invincibility frames, which allows for the complete dodging of any non-lingering attacks, but it's main usage is to turn absolutely any projectile dependent character in the game into a corpse, these being (but not limited to) the following:

Luigi - general rush tactic is to spam fireballs which are easily dodge-able and punishable via Pocket
Peach - nullifies turnip usefulness
Yoshi - nullifies egg usefulness
DIDDY KONG - with good enough reflexes can completely nullify peel usefulness, can also pocket up-special
Link - nullifies bomb/boomerang usefulness, pocketed arrows serve as decent kill move at higher percentages
Toon Link - nullifies bomb/arrow usefulness, pocketed boomerangs serve as useful deterrents for all three of his main projectiles
Zelda - pocketed Phantom useful for mindgames
Samus - pocketed charge shots serve as instantaneous kills at mid to high percentages
Zero Suit Samus - nullifies main combo starting weapon, the Paralyzer, and opens use for Villager to start combos more easily.
Kirby - nullifies usefulness of shockwaves created by Final Cutter
Dedede - nullifies usefulness of Gordos
Fox - CAN nullify usefulness of single laser shots, though this is generally not useful in a firefight as Lloids generally absorb more damage; opponent can be baited into reflecting Trees, which can then be pocketed and used later as a literal /KO/ move, killing from zero percent
Falco - see Fox, though more useful for lasers than in the case of Fox as Falco's are slower (allowing more pocket time) but hit harder (breaking Lloids faster)
Pikachu - nullifies usefulness of Thunder and Thunder Jolt spamming, albeit to a lesser degree on Thunder given that it's a multi-piece projectile
Lucario - high-percentage Aura Spheres become instant kill when pocketed
Ness - can prevent recovery entirely, nullifies usefulness of PK Fire, though capability of pocketing PK Flash seems nonexistant; invulnerability frames can avoid it
Mr. G&W - can help with stopping Chef projectiles, though has absolutely no usefulness against Oil Panic as far as I can tell - to be tested.


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