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Bowser vs. Ness Super Smash Bros. 4 tiers, match-up votes and discussion



SSB4 match-up numbers for Bowser vs. Ness

Bowser 5 / Ness 5:
48.4% of the votes
Bowser 4 / Ness 6:
21.9% of the votes
Bowser 3 / Ness 7:
15.6% of the votes
Bowser 6 / Ness 4:
14.1% of the votes

  Total votes for Bowser vs. Ness match-up: 64


Rosie1818 said on December 11, 2015 at 3:38 p.m.

Ness main, Rosie, here. I'm going through all of Ness's matchups because I love Ness and smash and have nothing better to do.

Ness vs. Bowser

Ness wins easy because Ness is good. Ness simply beats Bowser because Ness is literally better than him at everything. Ness has a better air game, a better combo game, and better support moves. The approach between these two is about even. Bowser, like all heavy characters, requires reads to beat his opponent. This is not unlike Ness's playstyle, who I've said is the best defensive character that this game has.

Bowser's moves have a lot of lag so Ness can come in for easy grab to down throw combos. Bowser may run faster than Ness bus Ness's mobility in the air is way superior and air game in Smash 4 is important. Bowser's airels, while good if they hit, have a lot of lag to be effective and they are limited enough to where Ness can easily see them coming, get an air dodge and punish with Fair, Nair, Uair, or Bair.

Bowser only has a few moves without start up lag such as his tilts, jab, up b, dash attack, and down smash. So those moves are the ones to watch out for and it these moves which allow Bowser to set up for his better ones. But, they have end lag and that is the time to go for grabs, especially if they hit shield.

Bowser's recovery is limited making Pk Flash usable. It kills early and any early kill on Bowser is a kill you want. Make sure you can hit it and be efficient with it. Those kills still don't come easy.

Bowser gets trapped in Pk Fire easily when Tough Guy armor is gone. If he's trapped and you're next to him, whip that bat out and swing it. It kills early and is very good against Bowser.

Bowser's suicide side b is another move without lag. This is probably Bowser's best move and best option against Ness. It is a kill move and a command grab, meaning it beats shields. This is a very dangerous move so beware of it.

Other things that Bowser has that can give Ness trouble are his fire breath at the stage, It can cause irritation when trying to recover. Bowser's Fair can also gimp Ness if its connected so make sure you stay at the point where the Bowser is scared to venture. It will vary from player to player so do be aware. His Bair is strong as hell so watch out for that. His Dair and Down B can be mixed up between each other for varying lag times, speeds, and knockback. So note the differences. His suicide move is always a pain in the ass so be careful of that.

His tough guy armor beats Pk Fire and will make him not be trapped from about 0%- 40% and this takes away a very good move for getting quick damage. So you will have to rely on quick grabs to score the early damage. Back Throw will also take a bit more damage to kill. Keep that in mind.

Best ways to kill Bowser as Ness:

Pk Thunder 2
Pk Flash
Back Throw
The Bat

Jump said on May 17, 2016 at 8:47 a.m.

Excellent post. The only thing I'd change is that Ness wins easily in the neutral especially after the tough guy armor is gone.


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