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Tiers > SF5 > Menat | Zangief > Menat vs. Zangief

Menat vs. Zangief Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tiers, match-up votes and discussion



SF5 match-up numbers for Menat vs. Zangief

Menat 5 / Zangief 5:
50% of the votes
Menat 7 / Zangief 3:
28.6% of the votes
Menat 6 / Zangief 4:
21.4% of the votes

  Total votes for Menat vs. Zangief match-up: 14


Grayfox_SF said on September 4, 2017 at 12:07 a.m.

Impossible match for gief, menat just need to MP

Dermask said on April 19, 2018 at 11:24 a.m.

I ask every person who voted this match even to one simple thing:
Go into the game, dedicate 30min to learn the basics of Gief and/or Menat. Meaning simply learn what attacks she has, what reach they have and learn to Anti-air. That's it. You don't have to learn how to do 30hit combos or crazy set-ups with either.
Then, play for her maybe two days maybe three against the other character. Learn the match-up and maybe even go in ranked.
Then come back and tell me this match is even.

Long version:
I have absolutely no clue how any sane person can rate this match even. At all. Any person, no exception, that plays SFV can learn this match-up and be able crush Zangief as Menat and for a simple reason:
Zangief has no tool to get in or do damage from distance. He simple doesn't.
You can virtually not whiff punish Menats moves. The only attack you can punish, at least in theory because no sane Menat throws it out if she isn't in range, are her kicks but, again, she mostly attacks with her ball, that you cannot hit.
You don't have a projectile attack or any tool to close off distance to get into attacking range because Menat can simple keep you, with her normals, at a specific range where not one of your attacks can reach her.
And there Gief has 3 options to get in:
Kneehop, jump-in, EX run.
First can be countered with MP. Second one with a simple AA. Last one can be neutral jumped - and you really only have to watch out for the EX because the regular one you can just MP.

For me personally, average player (Plat), I have not been able to win a fight against a away Menat unless they mindlessly throw out moves.
Example, if they play in a ridiculously obvious pattern, like "MP, MP, HP, MP, MP, HP" and keeps repeating it, then yes, as Gief, you can predict the HP, hop over it and then you are in change to be in SPD range. Or, if the Menat doesn't know how to do simple AA, you can easy advance into her MP or even LP range and then it gets dangerous for her.
You could do an EX Beargrab and if your she is surprised, it will probably hit however, for these conditions to be met, the Menat player has to be really damn careless and not notice a giant orange Gief, 1/4-1/3 of the screen away or have the reactions of an 80-year-old.

It's not like Dhalsim where you can whiff punish (which is hard, especially for me personally, but at least possible to pull off) or even challange some attacks (e.g. with Lariat). The only way to win against Menat is her doing careless mistakes. You might think that this is the case for many if not all matches in this game but it isn't really. There is not one other match-up in which the success of one side is completely dependend on mistakes of the other. Zangief vs Menat is virtually only about Menat reacting to things her opponent does.

I don't even know how this match-up gets voted more "even" than Gief vs Guile.


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