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Tiers > USF4 > Gouken | Hugo > Gouken vs. Hugo

Gouken vs. Hugo Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers, match-up votes and discussion



USF4 match-up numbers for Gouken vs. Hugo

Gouken 7 / Hugo 3:
44.3% of the votes
Gouken 8 / Hugo 2:
26.2% of the votes
Gouken 6 / Hugo 4:
16.4% of the votes
Gouken 9 / Hugo 1:
13.1% of the votes

  Total votes for Gouken vs. Hugo match-up: 61


Velociraptor said on August 16, 2014 at 2:44 p.m.

It's still early but it seems as though this is one of Gouken's easiest match ups. Fireball and Ex-tatsu make Hugo's life very hard. Hugo's sheer size makes zoning him particularly easy. Gouken's armor-breaking ex-tatsu beats all of Hugo's runs. Like Honda, Gouken should not let Hugo get close. If Hugo does get in, then it's a guessing game to try to get him off of you. Don't let it get to that point.

TheFeistyOne said on August 28, 2014 at 12:41 a.m.

So true. As a Hugo player, dont attempt the run.
Also, dont focus forward dash through projectiles, if you do that too often, Gouken can REACT to it with mp Palm and catch you everytime. If you really have to move forward, use the hopkick, works a little bit better.

Yet, most Goukens will spam mp hadoken all the time, nothing much you can do about it. If you got a Gouken like that, BACK OFF fullscreen away and build little meter with lk lariat (6 lariats are already 1 ex bar). But dont just spam them, wait for when gouken throws a hadoken, even if it is a straight one (lp) you should be able to block in time. You take chip damage, sure, but you build meter.
Another tip, goukens tend quite often to charge their hadokens, if you got one like that, you can use it to your Advantage, as Long as he doesnt have 2 ex bars to fadc out of it, you can ex lariat through his charged fireball, but DONT wait for him to actually throw the hadoken, get a grasp of his charge tendencies, most goukens dont even realize it. I had one who charged almost every third fireball, even after being punished for it multiple times.

This match is really reaction based, some goukens also get cocky and will try to go for demon flips, if you have it stocked, U2 him. You will need the damage. ex BB isnt enough damage (yet works) and grounded anti airs are in danger of getting grabbed. Once you score a knockdown (however that miracle happend, but USE IT) go for a whiff mp clap JUST outside of grabrange. That way you are safe against ex tatsus and throws, which will send you across the screen again, dont attempt shenanigans with st. hp or leap attack as meaties, that stuff gets easily beaten by ex tatsus. Dont punish ex tatsus with spd/ backbreaker, this just wont be enough. You have to hurt that old man. Practice your HP-MP-(EX-)LP Clap, lk/lp, lk lariat combo. ~370 damage can turn around stuff or, if your meter building paid of, go for red Focus 3, ex clap, U2 = ~600 damage. 2 punishes can be enough to end a round against gouken. Some goukens go for ex demon flip. That's when your reaction should kick in, lk bb works fine here.

Last note from me, dont get frustrated and do dumb stuff, this is a hard match for a reason, going dumb wont get you anything but a broken stick out of frustration. Watch what the Gouken does very carefully at every distance.
full Screen fireballs can be used for meterbuild, ultrabuild or you hopkick through
midscreen is your range, gouken wont stay here, goukens limbs are by comparison to short to keep up with hugos ground game, gouken will backoff or dash in throw for the fullscreen advantage again.

(wow 3000 characters max., troublesome xD)


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