Remove ads for a year with a $20 subscription to EventHubs

Remove ads for a year with a $20 subscription to EventHubs

If you'd like to have an advertisement free viewing experience on EventHubs, we're offering the ability to remove ads for a year for a $20 USD subscription. Paying $20 or more will net you the following benefits.

Subscription benefits for contributions of $20 or more

• All display advertisements will be removed from the main website, mobile app, and the leaderboard position on the forums will no longer display.

• A "Backer" tag will be added your EventHubs profile page.

• Your username will be highlighted in green whenever you make a comment, to show everyone you're a supporter of the website.

• Contributions of $40 or more will disable ads for two years, and every increment of $20 will remove ads for an additional year thereafter.
You are contributing as an anonymous user. Ads will not be removed unless you create an account or login first. This can also be done at a later time.

If you ever need to contact us about your subscription, please use our subscription contact form.

Note: After hitting the subscribe button, you will be forwarded to PayPal for approval.

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Subscription and advertisement removal FAQ

Q: What ads are removed with a $20 subscription?
A: All advertisements from the main website and our mobile app will be removed, along with the leaderboard ad on our forums. Video embeds may still contain ads, as this content is produced by other users and not directly in our control.

Q: I really enjoy your website, but I don't want to subscribe, is that a problem?
A: Definitely not. The vast majority of our readers will never subscribe, and they keep the site running simply by visiting us regularly. If you do by chance run AdBlock software, we'd really appreciate it if you disabled it, as the income we make from ads is the main thing that keeps us running and enables us to create new features and improve the website.

Q: What happens if I spot an ad that shouldn't be there after subscribing?
A: Contact us immediately, and we'll follow up with you right away to solve the problem.

Q: Why was this system implemented?
A: A number of users on our website have AdBlock running and wanted a way to view the site without ads. This was offered as an alternative to running AdBlock, but still enabling those people to support the website.

Q: Are subscriptions required to view the website?
A: Absolutely not, nor will they ever be. You will always be able to enjoy EventHubs as you have previously — completely free. Subscriptions are there for people who wish to remove the ads and/or directly contribute to the website.

Q: What if I contribute $15 now and then another $5 in the future.
A: At that point, please contact us and we'll remove ads from the account of your choosing once you've surpassed the $20 threshold.

Q: If I contribute $40 will ads be removed for two years?
A: Yes. Every increment of $20 will net you an additional year of no ads being displayed. For example, if you contributed $60, you'd disable ads for three years. This will be added on to any ad free time you have already accrued.

Q: If I contribute $20 or more, will ads be removed automatically from my account?
A: Yes, they should be, assuming you're logged into your EventHubs account. If you run into ANY problems, please contact us and someone will help you out.

Q: What happens when my ad-free time expires?
A: Ads will begin to show up again on EventHubs. You will retain the "Backer" tag on your profile and a green username, though.

Q: I have another question that wasn't answered here.
A: Please contact us and a team member will follow up with you shortly.

This web site has implemented an instant subscription capability with an online transfer system, which allows immediate transactions; therefore no refunds will be made after the transaction has been complete. If there is a problem with your subscription, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll follow up with you as soon as possible.