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Usage points
Total players
Use percentage
Character string rank
System usage
Location of Kairi players
Florida, United States - 1
Ohio, United States - 1
Wisconsin, United States - 1
None, None - 0
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Player skill levels
2 - 7.7%
3 - 23.1%
5 - 23.1%
6 - 15.4%
9 - 7.7%
Map of Kairi players
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Usage points — If a character is listed as a main, secondary or third string fighter in someone's profile, they're assigned usage points as follows:
• Main is worth 3 points.
• Secondary is worth 2 points.
• Third is worth 1 point.

Use percentage — The percentage of players in our database for this game, who use said character on one of their teams.

Character string rank — Shows how many people have this character as main, second or third string fighter for them. Note: For team games this is NOT their position on the team.

Player skill levels — Entered skill levels for people who play said character.