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Wall bounce moves in Street Fighter 5 disable back recoveries and make for some nasty set ups
What about Cody's VT2 command throw?.

Yoshinori Ono mentions talks with Capcom Research and Development team for Street Fighter 5's 'next step'
I hope it's SF 6

Keep a close eye on the Street Fighter social media accounts for hints if new characters are coming
I'd rather take another small adjustment patch...

EVO Japan 2019 stream cuts feed after lewd display during Dead or Alive 6 presentation, staff apologizes
Man, american "values" of violence over nudity are really strange.

Van Damme walked out of shooting, Sheng Long was planned to be part dragon and so much more: What happened to Street Fighter: The Movie The Game?
The movie is so much fun. I didn't like it initially, but if you just accept that it's a silly movie, you can have so much fun with it. I laughed my ass off on a rewatch recently. Add a bit of booze and a friend or two and you are in for a treat. It's waaaaay better than Legend of Chun Li any day of the week.

Street Fighter 5's new holiday costumes colors and Easter egg variations
Cody's costume looks better than expected.

M. Bison shouldn't be changed at all in Season 4 according to Vesper Arcade, here's why
Bison should be changed. Not necessarily nerfed, but changed. His gameplan is so utterly derp to play against - in particular online. Buff him in other areas but remove the stupidity from him and I'm fine.

Blanka match up chart released for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3.5 by Wolfgang and the Blanka Discord
Ed can only punish with V-Reversal. Cody can only punish with EX Zonk. The problem is, that you need to block off 2 punch buttons during neutral, which good Blanka players can abuse like mad. I actually like the MU more as Ed than with Cody. Dunno why it's supposed to be worse. PPP is also a godsend in certain situations and KK beats all air or command grab balls clean.

Which Season 3 character is the worst in Street Fighter 5? How about the best? VesperArcade orders all six on a tier list in his latest video
Cody is solid. Nothing more, nothing less. Can definitely be made competitive with a few small changes.

Cammy reaches the number one spot of our Street Fighter 5 tier lists with zero unfavorable match ups
It's a community-driven tier list. So if the community deems it a joke, that kinda backfires.