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Past comments by XXAngelBoyXx
USF4: E. Honda - Far Standing Heavy Punch
This move is excellent as a counterpoke against pokes and a tool to stuff/trade with horizontal approaches and jumpins. Because it has a ton of active frames, you can safely buffer super from a range where the chop would normally whiff. If for some reason the chop connects and you buffered a super motion, then that means the opponent did an attacked or moved forward. Boom! Congratulations, you just inflicted 513 damage (with counterhit ofcourse). ...

USF4: E. Honda - Neutral Jump Heavy Punch
Usage: The stopsign is used for air to airs, to dodge fireballs and close ground. It's his safest way to close distance when dealing with fullscreen fireballs since forward jumping gets usually punished (even from fullscreen, just think about (E.)Ryu's st.HK). It's also a very important tool to keep your opponent in the corner once u have them there. How to punish: - This move can't hit crouching opponents. Whenever you see Honda do random ...

USF4: E. Honda - Crouching Light Punch
Honda's most reliable and best poke. 4fr startup, great reach, has amazing hitboxes and thus can stuff a ton of things safely from max range. c.LP cannot link into anything without a counterhit. It can however cancel into specials, most notably Hundred Hand Slap and Headbutt. If you cancel cr.LP from max range, Hundred Hand Slap does not fully combo and in some cases becomes punishable on HIT. cr.LP also doesn't combo into EX Headbutt ...

USF4: E. Honda - Sumo Headbutt
> DrDucker posted November 16, 2014 I actually have an USF4 EX Headbutt punish list in the making. But since it's only about 50% done, I didn't add it to the previous post. Gouken most likely can punish EX Headbutt with c.HK, I'll test him asap and add him to the list.

USF4: E. Honda - Foot Stomp
Forgot to mention this, but you can also use this move to to pass through fireballs more easily. df.HK shifts Honda's hurtboxes back while staying in position. When you then cancel df.HK into jab headbutt, you're able to pass through fast fireballs midscreen. It's hard and not viable, but now I think I've mentioned everything worth mentioning about this move.

USF4: E. Honda - Target Combo
This target combo doesn't combo and the stomp part is exactly the same as doing df.HK. Best tip: Don't use this.

Moves database beta test for Ultra Street Fighter 4 launched
Rated and added tips to E. Honda's moves.

USF4: E. Honda - Foot Stomp
Foot stomp is a neat gimmick, but that's all there is to it. It greatly shrinks your hurtboxes and allows you to avoid many reversals. Good examples on how to make use of this can be seen by clicking on the following links: (gif image of mr.snk using it on Fei Long): (video guide made by me, using it on Ken) :

USF4: E. Honda - Super
The only reason why Honda's super is godlike, is because of the damage and ease of access to combo into. But, you should also consider the following since we also have EX RFA now as an option. cr.lp xx H.HHS xx Super - 420 dmg -> 4 bars, opponent escapes cr.lp xx H.HHS xx RFA, Full Ultra 2 - 409 dmg -> 3 bars, Hard knockdown cr.lp xx H.HHS xx RFA, Full Ultra 1 - ...

USF4: E. Honda - Ultra 2
U2 Punish list Abel: - Between the COD attacks. - Close LK Wheel kick on block, close MK/HK Wheel kick on hit & block - Kara U2 to punish close EX Wheel kick on block Adon: - Grounded LK/MK jaguar kicks on block or hit (in ENG or JAP, he'll shout 'Jaguar Kick' if it's ground JK, he'll make a loud noise if it's air JK) - All Jaguar tooths on block (very space dependent, ...