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Past comments by XXAngelBoyXx
USF4: E. Honda - Far Standing Medium Kick
Check the hitbox first (provided by : This is a situational AA and can beat air attacks that have vertical hitboxes or dive attacks in general. Specifically: - One of Honda's valuable tools to keep M.Bison out if you have no meter and don't want to trade with his j.HP. fs.MK beats it clean if spaced well - I also use it against all versions of T.Hawk's condor dive if I have no ...

USF4: E. Honda - Far Standing Light Punch
Situational AA against divekicks from twins and Adon's Jaguar tooth.

USF4: E. Honda - Throw
Honda's best throw. Definitely deserves more recognition and a higher score (5/10, wtf?!). - Average range - great damage (140 dmg, 20 dmg less than LP Oicho throw) - HUGE stun (180 stun! 80 more stun than oicho!) - opponent recovers around 81f after you recover, without DWU. - Gateway to Honda's ambiguous crossups, fake crossups, unblockables, safejumps and fuzzy guards.

USF4: E. Honda - Crouching Heavy Punch
This normal has VERY good hitboxes/hurtboxes. It does 130 damage, hits far, has 4 active frames, is super cancelable and hits low. Its a very slow move and only characters with a decent walk speed or extremely long pokes can punish this normal on whiff. It produces no extended hurtboxes on whiff at all so you really need to hit Honda's head or body when attempting to whiff punish this. Since it does 130 damage, ...

USF4: E. Honda - Diagonal Jump Medium Punch
The first active frames of this attack can be used used as an AA. During the first active frames, the attack is the most horizontal and at its highest point. It can be used just as jump back j.HP although it does slightly less damage for better hitboxes and being 1frame faster.

USF4: E. Honda - Diagonal Jump Heavy Punch
It has good fireball invincibility on the lower part of the body. This makes it the best option when you have a read on your opponent. If you connect j.HP while there's a fireball directly underneat you, you will most likely not trade with it, unlike all other jump normals. j.HP is Honda's highest attack out of all his diagonal jump attacks. This makes it a situational option as an AA when jumping back. j.MP ...

USF4: E. Honda - Crouching Light Kick
This is the backbone of Honda's pressure up close and best way to open up opponents. It's his fastest low, is +2 on block and Honda's best oicho tick throw normal! Because it hits low is and is + on block, the opponent can't jump away without being hit. If they stay put, you can tick throw into oicho or link into cr.LP or another cr.LK. If you choose to go for the 2nd cr.LK, ...

USF4: E. Honda - Diagonal Jump Light Punch
Very good jumpin against characters who have trouble against diagonal attacks. j.LP is also Honda's furthest jump attack (by far). Because it goes so far, it has the potential of punishing some fireballs on reaction. Here's a hitbox comparison with the other jumpins : Gif made by me, hitboxes are taken from People who rate this jumpin as bad, just don't know what this attack is about.

USF4: E. Honda - Diagonal Jump Medium Punch
Very good jumpin and extremely hard to anti air, if you attempt to attack your opponent with the latter active frames of j.MP. To attempt to hit your opponent with the latter active frames, Honda needs to be relatively high in the air, you'll never use j.MP as a deep jumpin. Because of that, linking an attack after an early j.MP becomes relatively tight, knowing at what frame advantage you are when hitting j.MP is ...

USF4: E. Honda - Crouching Heavy Kick
Very slow sweep that's +2 on block. On hit, you can get a safejump or fuzzy guard setup. cr.HK, cr.LP, fj.HK, bj.HK : works on Dudley, Seth, Gouken, Gen, Dan, Juri, Abel, Viper, Sagat, Dee Jay, Zangief, Vega, T. Hawk, Adon and Rose. It also works on Cody and Balrog cr.HK, cr.LP, fj.HK, fj.HK : works on Ryu, Ken, Dudley, Seth, Gouken, Akuma, Gen, Dan, Sakura, Oni, Juri, Abel, Viper, M. Bison, Sagat, ...