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Past comments by XXAngelBoyXx
Which characters do you want to see playable in Street Fighter 5? Cast your votes now!
No love for my boy E. Honda? Come on maaaan, I thought we all loved Mike's Honda.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers reset, old scores available in archives
No way, Honda is not 'way stronger' than before. EX Hands automoving forward doesn't give Honda more damaging combos with Headbutt (it actually does less than just doing his old bnb). In fact it also gained an unlisted nerf killing his older combos since it doesn't travel as much forward. The only good things are +10 dmg on his crouching lights and U2 being a command normal (but still escapeable after the ultra freeze) EX ...

Dan hits 11 Gadokens in one combo, Decapre easily stuns Guy, and more: "That Ain't Omega!" Doopliss' USF4 v.1.04 combo video
They really killed Honda's EX Hands. Normally he would get way more dmg, too bad about the unlisted nerf.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 tiers reset, old scores available in archives
Honda still sucks. He didn't really improve aside the 10 dmg buff on his lights.

Evil Ryu and Poison gets a health nerf, Ryu's fireballs changed - Ultra Street Fighter 4 Ver. 1.04 translated patch notes
Honda sucks

First in-game look at Ultra Street Fighter 4's Wild costumes, patch including new trials, Omega Mode, and more drops next month
Kappa Honda looks the best!

USF4: E. Honda - Sumo Smash
EX Buttslam has 2 major uses and both are extremely helpful. - It's Honda's best AA against characters who can alter their jump, against floaty characters or giant characters who are hard to AA with headbutt. (for example: Adon, Cammy, Evil Ryu, Hugo, M.Bison, Seth, T.Hawk, Zangief) - His most reliable and only way to combo into some sort of knockdown. Abel: c.LP xx M/H. Hands - c.LP xx EX Buttslam Deejay: c.MK xx H. ...

USF4: E. Honda - Close Standing Heavy Punch
Close standing heavy is Honda's hardest hitting frametrap and most rewarding meaty (since it has 6 active frames). It's +5 on hit and 0 on block, If you meaty it, it's +10 on hit and +5 on block. It does 150 damage and 200 stun, this makes honda rather scary since you can link cl.HP to cr.LP and go for (ex) hands.

Moves database beta test for Ultra Street Fighter 4 launched
E. Honda is now completely filled with information. Kreygasm!

USF4: E. Honda - Diagonal Jump Light Punch
Here's a better gif that loops forever.