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Past comments by XXAngelBoyXx
Street Fighter 3 3s: Ken vs. Akuma - Three tool assisted matches
lol @ 1

Super Street Fighter 4 Throw Range Comparisons
@11 and 16 oh you're right, Guy's throw should be 130 dmg. Damn you left table!!

Super Street Fighter 4 Throw Range Comparisons
I never realised Guy did so much dmg on his throws...

Super Street Fighter 4 throw range comparison
GREAT! but is there also going to come a command throw comparison? since it's very interesting for my honda, zangief and hakan play.

Street Fighter X Tekken news on Nov. 20, Ono dialogue
@#19 : Rofl yea!! That would totally kick ass xD Now they just have to get the rights to get skullomania, to make the game complete B)

Ono drops hints at more potential Super Street Fighter 4 cast members
It's Sodom!!!!! nah jk.. although it would make things interesting if one more final fight character enters ssf4

Super Street Fighter 4 costume images, Akuma, Dan, Gouken, Ken & Ryu
jesus christ, all of dan alt.costumes suck and yet this is the lamest costume ever made for him and it's still the best one.

List of deconfirmed Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters and franchises
blah! no sengoku basara characters -.-

Niitsuma deconfirms more franchises, characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3
WHAT?! no sengoku basara?!! if Some of the basara characters were in it, then I could make a kick ass team with Dante. are you ready guys!!!!!!!?

Compilation of funny and interesting moments in Super Street Fighter 4
@ #3 , yea GiPie's awesome! I've played against him a couple of times and it was a very fierce battle. I won the match though (using E.Honda)