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Past comments by XXAngelBoyXx
625 damage from Birdie, hard-hitting Feng Shui combo, and more: EventHubs readers join in on the Akuma Punish Challenge
Birdie 641 Damage

Birdie feels like the only character without damage nerfs; learn the basics for the big brawler with Tea Mandem's latest Street Fighter 5 primer video
This is beta 2 birdie. This video is probably made with the cracked version of pc beta since you can't do cr.HP xx light hanging chain and the damage he does doesn't add up to beta 3 combos.

Does Charlie's art hint at Illuminati's return in Street Fighter 5?
Not only that, but Urien is also blond before he transforms, actually.

Shufflez beautifully counters a desperate X-ray attempt; Emperor Rebelo isn't as fortunate... check out the ESL Pro League top 5 plays of week 4
Shufflez didn't really counter the xray, Medzin just did an instant dash cancel and got hit by his 2nd attack. If Medzin had held the xray for example, then Shufflez would've been frozen.

'There are only two reasons you'd ever use X-ray in tournament' - Ketchup and Mustard teach meter management in episode two of 'Casual to Competitive'
It's still not a bad idea when you're unbreakable Sub

Tekken 7 characters leaked: Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, and brand new fighters
Looks great

Sagat lands 9 fireballs in one combo with no stun, 30 hits of Fuerte's RSF, and more: Satwid3n focuses on loops in this USF4 CMV
Yea, Honda that loop isn't possible anymore

EventHubs is giving away King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match closed beta test keys - help SNK Playmore improve the game's netcode
I'd like a key. I retweeted and haven't preordered the game.

GGXrd with characters: [u'Axl', u'Potemkin']
Might be his worst matchup. Even FAB (best Potemkin in the world) couldn't win a game against this character, afaik.

Tiers for Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN launched
Haven't seen Potemkin ever win vs an Axel. Even FAB (best pot ever) lost all matches ever against Axels (on youtube).