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New Mortal Kombat 11 story trailer for the Nintendo Switch revealed
Not bad, I didn't expect it to be on the same par as PS4/X1 since this is a handheld at its purist, but its a great job. If your expectations is THAT high, you guys really need to get with reality.

D'Vorah has easily the most disgusting Mortal Komat 11 Fatality yet, especially if you don't like spiders...
You know I was picturing worst but its not as bad as I thought.

Is it just us or do Samurai Shodown's visuals keep getting better? Here are some new HD stills from this beautiful game
Jeez. Im going to bring a point that a Youtuber pointed out when everyone went ape over the dated graphics of Boarderlands 3. Boarderlands 3 is being made for Boarderlands fans. Their is no major jump in quality because the quality you see is what everyone fell in love with about Boarderlands, its what makes it Boarderlands. Same goes for Samurai Shodown. If this tried to look like Mortal Kombat for instants, it would lose ...

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