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Past comments by Wallace604
Get a head start on Mega Man X's combos in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite with these videos
"gamerz journalism" by eventhubs

That's... not Infiltration; Alucard discovers an online impostor while streaming Street Fighter 5
shout outs the eventhubs supporting bigots lol christ every time i check this place out the autism grows

r/Kappa is no more!? The popular and controversial subreddit has been involuntarily set to private, FGCDrMike and other mods removed
f*ck this site , i actually use to enjoy checking this place out with my morning coffee. But all its devolved into is people circle jerking about smash and maxs newest video (i like max but sometimes his content makes me cringe) r/kappa is the fgc at its rawest, i come here and all i see is a bunch of fucbois sjw who play party games celebrating censorship.

Amazing LP fights Ryu in real-life, imagines what pay-to-win Street Fighter would be like
well that was stupid

ZeRo, Mew2King, FOW & MJG are going to Japan to attend a 2-on-2 JPN vs. USA Super Smash Bros. for Wii U World Grand Prix on April 25, 26
this websites going to crap.

'I AM JUST TIRED OF ZELDA PLAYERS WINNING EVERYTHING!' - 25 things Smash players don't say
"my autism makes getting laid so easy!"

Blanka Strategy Guide and Moves: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
"Contributions to this guide by DarksydePhil." lol

ClayFighter is coming back in 2016; this HD remaster will add air dashes, double jumps, and much more
ill pay 20 bucks to play one of the most racist characters in video game history

Rosalina isn't top 5, Pikachu is - Dabuz explains why in his Super Smash Bros. Wii U tier list
...and today in autism news.

Sagat preps for Street Fighter 5's last boss audition; Samus gripes about being a leading lady in video games - live-action Destructoid web show
fuk this im going to SRK for my fg news from now on