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SF6 with characters: [u'Blanka', u'Zangief']
this match is on blanka's side because zanguief has to go foward to blanka most of the time and blanka got away from him just by his rolling actack

Rigth zanguief it so much better than ganfief's old games, now he looks more intimidate than he used look before i put him into the top tier list

SF5 with characters: [u'Akuma', u'Necalli']
this kind of match its hard for necally cuz many akuma´s attacks have not reverse wich means so hard for nacally´s player to make a reverse, also necally´s attacks have not a really good range to hit many hitboxes charaters, i think necally players need to active vitriguer to play a really good macth, but while many necally players try to do it akuma has a really huge favoriable match his inside.

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