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SF5 with characters: [u'Akuma', u'Necalli']
this kind of match its hard for necally cuz many akuma´s attacks have not reverse wich means so hard for nacally´s player to make a reverse, also necally´s attacks have not a really good range to hit many hitboxes charaters, i think necally players need to active vitriguer to play a really good macth, but while many necally players try to do it akuma has a really huge favoriable match his inside.

SF5 with characters: [u'Balrog', u'Necalli']
it´s a really hard match for necalli, the balrog´s low punchs put necalli underpresure, in the only thing nacalli can do it´s just keeping in block. you can not jump you can not push backdash either cuz balrog is gonna hit witn one strike as well. Unless necalli got vitriguer activation the macth it´s in the nacalli´s feavor otherway balrgo it´s over him.

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