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Past comments by Ultimatesol
Here's every costume and stage Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's upgrade comes with right now
Not all the content come with the disc ? No ?

EVO 2019 results
Worst FGC competition ever. -Less number of games -Paid chat -Only two major top 8 in whole sunday program

Mortal Kombat 11's training mode stage is now rocking the EVO 2019 theme ahead of the major event next weekend
I hate those garbage and pointless 'speacial' stages. It's killing our vibe.

Texas Showdown 2019 results
I've been waiting this event for days.

Urien is king, everyone isn't playing Birdie or Blanka now and Kage didn't show up: EVO Japan character usage stats for Street Fighter 5's top 128
Sagat: 1 WTF ?

Capcom Cup 2018 results
And once again, "Sex is selling" we have a Kendra Sunderland at there.

Capcom Cup 2018 results
Once u cornered, Itazan would take care of u ;)

Capcom Cup 2018 results
Itabashi..such a grin face ((=

Brad Wong and Eliot gameplay trailer released for Dead or Alive 6
Best looking 3D Fighter ever!

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane believes the character is 'on his way' to Mortal Kombat 11
Please God, make it happen *_*