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Past comments by Uhaveachoice81
Is Street Fighter 5 wrong because it's different?
I'm baffled as to how Velociraptor came to the conclusion that SFV isn't more guess-based. The larger the input lag is, the less information you have and the further "in the past" you have to play. Is it a binary switch from reads and reactions to guessing? No, of course not, but that's a strawman. Everyone understands that it's a difference of degree rather than kind, and I think they'd be perfectly within reason to ...

Reynald - Reynald Tacsuan
Hilarious that Reynald doesn't even have a rating for any KOF games. You realize this guy won the KOFXIII tournament at EVO 2013 and there's not even a rank for it here? Lol.

Tremor has a hidden brutality in Mortal Kombat X and it involves fire
This may or may not be a subtle nod to the Gears of War games. If you fire off a mortar in Gears of War, and there are large Locust around (Grinders, Boomers and Maulers), they will yell "SKY FIRE!" to warn other Locusts.

I'm not a terribly experienced Gouken player, but this match seems 6-4 Viper to me because of how well she deals with his specials. The negatives... From full screen, EX Seismo -> Super Jump -> Air Burn Kick -> (if in corner) fp Thunder Knuckle can punish fireballs really hard, assuming that Viper reads a fireball, of course. Even if you throw an angled version of the fire ball, EX Seismo can still punish you, ...

Capcom: Ultra Street Fighter 4 is changing all of the time, select button plinking being looked into, other character notes
ChrisG doesn't.

No shortcuts for you: Alioune suggests major change to Ultra Street Fighter 4's reversal game, removing input leniency
Wow. The professional Cammy player wants to see reversals made harder? Who could have seen that coming? He just wants to put you in 50/50's leading into full combos leading back into the same 50/50's all day, is that too much to ask?

CEO 2013 champion Xian's Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 pre-EVO tier list
He said "outfootsieing" not "outzoning". DeeJay's normals are not as great as you think they are, and his slide is completely punishable unless it's spaced relatively well. His only quick overhead also frequently whiffs on opponents who have short crouching hurtboxes if it's input too quickly after leaving the ground, and if you delay it enough for it to hit, it can be fairly easily reaction-blocked. Not to mention that Deejay's damage is crap unless ...

FGC member starts charity tournament after 3-month-old son passes away - Capcom, Sega and BrokenTier sign up to help
And I thought the FGC was full of d!ckheads. Look at you sensitive, decent people. Condolences, and you can expect that I'll be watching the poop out of that stream. If I had a dime to my name, I'd donate as well.

Poll: Do you think the Guard Power Gauge and Guard Crushes should be implemented in Ultra Street Fighter 4?
I will never understand the FGC's obsession with promoting offensive play and rushdown in every way possible. For f@ck's sake, stop trying to reward/encourage endless button-pressing. There's no need for CONSTANT action. It's okay for the players to NOT be doing stuff for a few moments during the match.

Ridiculous images and memes from FGC: ChrisG's attack on UMvC3 hype, Zero's battle philosophy, E. Honda vs. DJ and more
I will never understand people who thought Marvel was worth playing before ChrisG's MorriDoom team.