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Would a Mortal Kombat-Street Fighter crossover be a match made in heaven, or fall on its face? Yahoo eSports weighs the good, bad and potentially ugly
I've come around now, I think it should be done for the sake of getting more publicity for fighting games in general. I am very doubtful it would be any good, and I would not buy it myself, but i'm certain SF vs MK would gain the attention of the average gamer ( at least for a little while).

Injustice 2 gets 'Shattered Alliances - Part 1' story trailer, Cyborg officially shown
I hope the armor plating sliding into place trend ends someday.

M. Bison fights... a car that shoots lasers? This new Toyota ad takes a trek through the world of Street Fighter 2
Targeting the gen-x'ers in need of a family car.

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