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A message from Yoshinori Ono about Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
I'm a filthy casual that languishes in bronze tier. I play maybe 2-3 online matches a day. I don't have the time to try toplay more/ get better, but I am really enjoying 5. It took time to for me to appreciate the game, but I now do. Birdie ALL DAY! ( or for at least for my 2-3 daily online matches)

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition announced, releases January 16th
This trailer is bland and hypeless, especially compared to the SF4 AE trailer This announcement trailer is going to draw more ridicule than new players.

Arika's unnamed fighting game gets new trailer featuring more Allen Snider
For the sake of all the fans begging for this game, I hope its able to carve out a big enough audience. So many fighting games now.

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