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Granblue Fantasy: Versus
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Zooey is the last character for Granblue Fantasy Versus first character pass, out in late April — First in-game footage of Soriz and Djeeta also shown
Djeeta came straight from Final Fantasy Tactics!

Which characters appeared the most in top 8s throughout this year's Capcom Pro Tour? Which two characters never made it at all? Let's look at the data
What happen with this % if one remove Bonshan/Punk's Karin; Fujimura's Ibuki and Tokido's Akuma? For Rashid, for some reason I can't highlight a single player as the main character carrier.

Here's footage of Ryu, Ken, and Gill using second V-Skills in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
I Would like to see ryu with something like Sagat vskill1. Ryu should power up his hadouken.

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