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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Ultra Street Fighter 4's fifth character is a female that appears in the Street Fighter comic books
It's Decapre. Ayano recently took a picture of himself on a USF4 arcade machine with a claw resting on it.

Nominate the most difficult or unfair boss characters ever in fighting games
Eyedol in KI Crazy Hand and Master Hand in Smash Bros. Melee Ultimate Rugal in CVS2 Unlimited Ragna in BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Alpha-152 in DOA4 Bloody Marie in Skullgirls Magaki in KOFXI Amakusa in Samurai Showdown II Ivan Ooze in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Night Terror in Soul Calibur III NANCY in Tekken 6 Evil Ryu in Arcade Edition I-No in Guilty Gear AC+ Pepsiman in Fighting Vipers I'm sure there's more lol.

Updated: Capcom Cup location test contains brand new build of USF4, new stages included - check out the reported change list here
Alright Capcom. Either leave Yun alone, fix things right or delete the guy. At this rate he doesn't even sound appeal to play because of the amount of effort you put into winning isn't even worth it when others can do the same with less effort. And I play freakin' Guy and I feel like I use less effort with him than Yun and he's arguably harder to play.

Combofiend: 'Some people feel Vega's invincibility on EX Scarlet Terror might break the game' - more USF4 notes from Super Arcade stream
Ultra Vega will never be ST Vega. Let him have something. As people already posted before me, he has to manage meter just to do combos, it's only the EX version and it can still be safe jumped forcing a mind game between delayed wake up or EX Scarlet Terror. I think it's fair. I really would like to play Guy and feel out his changes because not everything sounded all that great. I'd really ...

Justin Wong: Delayed wake up in USF4 is very cheap; it will hurt the current flowchart of knockdown - JWong gives thoughts on new game mechanics
What if you could only do delayed stands from throws only? I think that would be pretty fair because you could still come up with 50/50 oki options, eliminate vortexs at the same time, and still give the defending player an opportunity to respond. I think having delayed stands off of normals or specials that cause hard knockdowns would be still be a problem for rushdown characters like Makoto, Guy, and Evil Ryu for example. ...

Videos for Dojo Mode of Killer Instinct uploaded, covers both Basic and Advanced trials
That's epic. You actually Ultra'd out of the comment box.

EventHubs' DreamKing faces Maximilian in Killer Instinct, who will emerge a champion?
Dreamking blew him up.

Updated: Early Ultra Street Fighter 4 change lists for multiple characters and system mechanics alterations
Alright I'm only going to comment solely on the characters that are relevant to me so I'm not speaking about anything in a general sense. I'm aware this is just the first location test so things will change. I don't agree with the change to Guy's cr.MP and it's viability as an anti-air at all. He doesn't have many and the ones he does have aren't practical to use in most matches. cr.MK is good ...

Fulgore leaked as final Season 1 character in Killer Instinct, Pin Ultimate Edition image shows name listed
Why are people jumping on ReddChief for having an opinion. That's pretty one sided that you guys are allowed to praise the game but he can't express his grievances. Also I'm kind of surprised Fulgore is a Season 1 character. I guess they lost faith in the game's lifespan among the mass market (i.e. not the FGC) pass the initial release so they are probably going to target the second season towards fan favorites like ...

Spinal's shield has magical, moving tentacles on it, players can swap out Jago's sword, Sabrewulf goes steam punk - IGN's Killer Instinct footage
Shadow Jago will probably be story based. Jago's story in the second game that he's super pissed that he was manipulated by and worshipped the Tiger Spirit which in turn was Gargos hence why his temple is all jacked up. I think in this game he snaps and might end up becoming the new antagonist. Considering this is a reboot of sorts and we haven't see a bad guy be a main character since Kazuya, ...