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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Seth discusses Marvel vs. Capcom 3's control scheme
@10 & 13 I see how some people get offended by my opinion like its first and final. Sorry but I did say IMO its no more than MUGEN. Grow up and quit using internet anonymity as a way for you to fulfill your lack manhood. That is all. @Ex_Ein Yeah the Exchange button sounds a lot like the Drive button from Blaz doesn't it? Its funny how it seems that simpler control schemes help ...

Seth discusses Marvel vs. Capcom 3's control scheme
About time Seth told these whining turd burglars to STFU about one ****ing button in a game like its game breaking. I swear I hate the post 9-11 era, its like retardation is normal as breathing. Anyways MvC3 seems a bit more like a sequel to MvC 1 than 2. Its comes of as a fresh start unlike MvC2 which felt like a polished MUGEN game with out of place, recycled or dated sprites (not ...

Short Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Q&A with Capcom's Svensson
Why don't ya'll begging for 3S and CvS2 just throw in your old discs or go to a tournament. As much as I'm excited for a possible Darkstalkers & MvC 3 (hopefully not broken to all hell), I'd rather see a game without a number in the title with HD graphics as a selling point. I want new IPs. You guys need to let the past go. Bad games? Not at all but seeing how ...

Capcom's income drops 73.1% from previous fiscal year
So #11, you're saying that despite you not favoring 3 characters with unique playstyles unlike the 6 or so shotos, you won't buy the game? Opinion or not your logic is stupid. Funny part is I'm not a 3S fan but I do like the 3S characters and SF3 videos. It was SF's take on the Guilty Gear style offensive fighter and it was classy. SSF4 has a lot of elements from 3S dude. You ...

Super Street Fighter 4 Week-One Combos: Day Six
lolz at little kids arguing about video games and being ****heads on the internet. honestly ya'll need to find something better to argue about (let alone in a civil manner). why talk **** when you're flying economy and not 1st class just like almost everyone else. Also the video was neat I might add.

Requirements to unlock Titles and Icons: Street Fighter 4
This lists needs some heavy reworking. A lot of the criterias changed like the Jack/Ace/Queen/etc. titles and the one requiring certain amount of wins. I still haven't earned a lot of the titles.