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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Makoto Super Street Fighter 4 videos from Flash Metroid
Coldblooded use of that axe kick! That's tight seeing well known players exploiting her LP & MP because they are solid for 2in1 Hayate rushdowns. Makoto still needs buffs but this proves an old point I was trying to make about her needing to exploit her good pokes like Chun-Li to play her well in SSF4 compared to 3S.

Street Fighter series plot overview
awesome random news. pretty fun read imo

Daigo Super Street Fighter 4 online matches against Adon player
BTW Jersey. Scrubs won't plink because its not beginner friendly and flowcharts are easier. Relax bro you seem like you'd know better than that lol. As for the bashing online play as a recognized medium for strong competition. People need to realize we'd love to go to tourneys and all that but life outside of SF does exist as well as online being the only way to play others (Arcades don't exist where I live). ...

Daigo Super Street Fighter 4 online matches against Adon player
Ahem anybody wanna talk about the videos instead of being jerks? I thought that Adon was badass and Daigo's Ryu seems to be adjusting to the small changes in SSF4 but still holding up. Start acting like a community though for real people. Seems like every forum is a Player Haters Ball. Might I remind some of the meatheads that this genre was a dead horse until last year so quit being bitter.

Past and current rumors, Super Street Fighter 4 sound interview
All I want is Rolento. I don't give a mutha damn if he's broken or trash either! I do have a wish list for Maki, Alex, and Karin as well. I know fan response isn't huge but if each new DLC fighter has a story, Ingrid could be included to possibly explain Bison's absence in SF3. Mind you guys she was last seen in SFA3 Max.

Costume and alternative outfit colors for Makoto in Super Street Fighter 4
I can't stop looking at Mak's big ugly ass feet.

Costume and alternative outfit colors for Dee Jay in Super Street Fighter 4
Dee Jay is extra dark as hell in Original 10. I love it!

Costume and alternative outfit colors for Guy in Super Street Fighter 4
I'm that green Guy (Alt). It's the power of Bushinryu

Evo 2010 tournament rules for Super Street Fighter 4
@1 yeah I get where you're coming from but its fair seeing how some Ultras would counter the **** out of another. Example Guy Ultra 2 vs Akuma Ultra 1. Guy could EX Run through fireballs but Akuma has great offense and faster pokes so Ultra 1 would be better. Also Akuma could buffer Raging Demon while Guy is running so double blind would be solid.

Updated: More scans and screens of Marvel vs. Capcom 3
@28 I agree, its pretty bright and dynamic. @29 I feel you man. TvC wasn't bad either. MvC2 wasn't nearly as polished as the first yet people whine about a game with arguably more balance.