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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Sega releasing Dreamcast classics, will Capcom follow?
@25 ditto best fres franchise on DC. None these blow me away like JGR does. plus the Tokyo Showdown graffiti was so sick

Random Street Fighter odds and ends
That Vega poster is so tight! Very cool concepts. I would love to see one for Guy, Cody, and Dee Jay.

Juri's 38 hit Feng Shui combo in Super Street Fighter 4
I'm starting think that the problem with the pad is the Type A layout. Its a messy layout even though its the default. I play Type B which is how every SF game has been laid out in the past on pads. Granted the HP being the left trigger can screw you up on some of the heavy frame based combos but its a lot more managable IMHO.

Capcom planning on re-establishing older franchises
And no 3S please. Like the game but we need new games guys. I bought a nextgen system to play new stuff not the same game from 5-11 years ago. Plus most people still 3S on GGPO. Like I say, if you don't like the new stuff then don't play it.

Capcom planning on re-establishing older franchises
I'm almost burnt out/overwhelmed by the amount of fighters so I'll take only CvS3, Darkstalkers, and Rival Schools but I'd really like Strider 3, Rockman Dash 3/Rockman X9, Dino Crisis done RE5 style, and a new Breath of Fire. Capcom is the at fighters but I'd love for them to go back to making badass Japanese action/adventure/RPG games instead all this Westernized weak sauce like RE5 or LP2.

Itabashi Slayer, Akuma Super Kara Demon tutorial
this is such awesome technique! Its a shame that 90% of Akuma just run away and only know fireballs, teleports, HK, c.HP, and sweeps. To all legitimate Akuma players, PLEASE SHOW THESE SCRUBS HOW TO PLAY AKUMA lol!

More Street Fighter 4 tool assisted combos from SonicHurricane
Damn. Sakura's never been a slouch but these insane one ftame links would exhausting lol. Fun video to watch no doubt. @8 obviously the guy is rhetorical don't bother.

Juri's 38 hit Feng Shui combo in Super Street Fighter 4
#4 This shows nothing about sticks being superior. In fact who cares about the controller. They can use DDR mat for all I care if that's how they playkic Anyway ridiculous combo! If only more people found out more about Juri than dive kicks online lol.

Makoto Super Street Fighter 4 videos from Flash Metroid
Come to think of it, I need to see Flash fight a Guile and some Shotos. All those videos were against characters that aren't heavy zoners or people with nasty anti-airs. I'm curious now!

Makoto Super Street Fighter 4 videos from Flash Metroid
@4 I totally agree. To me it seems like people are just lazy and don't want to re-learn Makoto and instead come to this site to complain about how they suck with her (she's not even my main).