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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Super Classic costume pack out for Super Street Fighter 4
On topic I wish we could mix and match costumes within packs for one price. Some like Juri's, Sagat's, Makoto's, and Ken's seem pretty lame compared to the Shoto Packs for example. I'm not complaining though. I'm happy with the costumes for my favorites.

Super Classic costume pack out for Super Street Fighter 4
@17 Seriously...what's next, don't pick blue or red because they are gang colors that give special abilities? Sounds like the competitive scene is ran by picky fashion nerds and not gamers if they really shun colors for whatever stupid reason. I thought fighting games were about fighting but that's just me.

New trailer for King of Chinatown, showing in New York
I rather see Justin guest star in Dirty Works with Mike Rowe and work a real labor job. Before you haters start hating: 1. I'm not dissing his skills 2. You know you'd rather see Justin doing laborious stuff than watch a hour of people (as some people call it) d*** riding and random clips of his fat fingers moving lol.

Yoshinori Ono working on getting Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC?
@62 I have been in that situation before with EVERY console I EVER bought genius. People like you make PC gamers look like spoiled brats that are scared to leave their comfort zone. Just because I stated my opinion doesn't mean you gotta agree and call people stupid. I'll go make better arguements just for you if you're willing to not be a hypocrite >_<.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 interviews with Killian and Niitsuma
Capcom, I'm not going to jump to conclusions but if this game has infinites then **** you. Infinites are game-breaking high skill or not. I'd like someone to tell me they enjoy watching an infinite until time out...

Results, video of GodsGarden Super Street Fighter 4 Tokido & Sako set
DAYYYUM! Tokido lost his cool...that was a awkward site. Cammy was on fire though. As for commentary, S-kill all the way. He stays on subject and knows when to STFU. One stream I watched had commentary about dick and other random annoying stuff.

Translated Famitsu interview with Daigo Umehara
Great article. Daigo now needs to encourage American pros that getting a real job is a healthy spice of life alongside pro gaming. JWong is an awesome player but I wish more people admit that pro-gamer is the same as pro-gambler. Not a bad thing but its partial truth.

Yoshinori Ono working on getting Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC?
You PC owners want your nude mods that bad lol? Go buy a PS3/360 and enjoy. Makes me question whether you guys like dress up games or fighters. Sorry for the pseudo-trolling but I'm just saying. It does play smooth on consoles if that's your break or buy decision.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 staff video interviews
I'm keeping fingers crossed for Nemesis, Strider and Mega Man X with changeable armors instead of boss weapons. How sick would be to alternate between Hyper Armor with shot stacking and the Shadow Armor!?

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament DLC out now
I think they just need do what #20 & #21 said and also tweak Chun-Li's absurd move recoveries as well. I forgot to mention they need to fix the quick match option as well (It doesn't even work).