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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 EVO 2010 build breakdown
Froggy, Ein, ClovR Here's a joint, now please stop arguing. Set the example & don't be one of those internet SF leet pro dbags. Have fun and speculate!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 EVO 2010 build breakdown
Want to see some more characters and hopefully get some confirmation on Mega Man X, Strider, and just maybe get some Final Fight represented. Poison is way overdue and I rather see Haggar as the Capcom grappler than Gief again.

More Street Fighter films likely to be released
Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick was mind-blowing in Legend!

Results from GodsGarden Daigo, YHC Mochi Super Street Fighter 4 match
Dhalsim wins against Ryu huh? Pretty impressive seeing how that Network Battle Infestation called Ryu is wayyy too versatile to be considered difficult to play. For **** sake every fundamental in SF can be used with Ryu and not every character has the luxury of the perfect anti-air, zoning and 2-1 from ANY normal. Ryu players should try joining a low-tier club for once and see what a real game with handicaps feel like lol. ...

Mega Man Universe announced, Ryu possibly playable
Mega Man haters need to GTFO. Remember that Easy Mode BS on Mega Man 10? I swear noobs these days...

Image shows trailer for new Street Fighter game?
why are people involved with SF have to act like such Richards. Its just people speculating, no harm in that. Plus everybody here has made so good theories. I hope we all get our wish.

Ono: Something big coming in two weeks
STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 4 or STREET FIGHTER ALPHA reimagined with SSF4 gameplay and mutha****in' AIR BLOCKS. Sorry but this is hype

Image shows trailer for new Street Fighter game?
With the random appearance of Charlie, Rolento & R. Mika avatars on the PSN store, I'm going with the SFA3 HD rumor. Plus white headband and white eyed Ryu...**** it'd say its a valid theory. Can't wait to see my Karin and Rolento with *drumroll* AIR BLOCKING!

Ono: Something bigger than Super Street Fighter 4 coming
could be a playable build of SF4 3DS. Who knows, who cares lol. Capcom loves jerking us around but hey nobody else hypes stuff up like they do

Seth shoots down Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character speculation, talks criteria
@12 Mega Man 7 had Mega Man's armor literally launch his fist. I still think Phoenix Wright should make the cut since the demand is high and he's colorful. @15 You know Capcom want to show off eye candy for his suit lol. He'll probably make the cut. Personally I want to see everyone's 2nd favorite psychopath Carnage make it in as well Mega Man X with armor swapping instead of weapon changes. Giga Armor ...