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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Bringing the hype: Hyper Dragonball Z is a throwback to Capcom's 2D fighting games of the 1990s
Dragon Ball Z games are hard to balance between being an experience and being a legitimate fighting game. Personally I think Tenkaichi 3 was the best DBZ game they've ever produced. Unbalanced as hell but a hardcore game isn't what I expect out of DBZ honestly.

GamerBee: Street Fighter X Tekken didn't take off because it was the wrong timing, could use a patch
This comment made me lol. This game was weird for me. I liked it. I hated it. I enjoyed the roster. I despited the DLC. Not a good game but I'd play it over plenty of other games but it wouldn't be at my go to list for other options.

Next wave of changes will be final for Ultra Street Fighter 4, Capcom still taking feedback on crucial issues
The beauty of Bushin Muso Renge is that it kills safe jumps. With Double Ultra, option selecting on knockdown basically guarantees an Ultra 1 if they backstep on wakeup or they just eat a U2 because they tried to do a safe jump setup or because they didn't guess right.

Guile's theme goes with everything, including Yipes eating! New vlog series follows IFC Yipes around, talks future plans, Curleh Mustache and more
Dat 1080p tho. Saw all that tzatziki sauce get on his hoodie.

Capcom: Every character in Ultra Street Fighter 4 could potentially see at least one more change - tons of new footage available
Definitely gonna just buy the DLC and wait for the possible PS4 port of the game. If not then I'll just get that physical disc on the cheap. I'll probably end up waiting long enough for a confirmation that it will already have gone through a price drop.

Decapre 5th character in Ultra Street Fighter 4 - artwork, screen shots and video walkthroughs
Also that would be cool if Decapre had a different stance from Cammy to at least give off a better impression of being different.

Decapre 5th character in Ultra Street Fighter 4 - artwork, screen shots and video walkthroughs
Would somebody mind telling Combofiend to tidy up that character select screen a bit? Not complaining but the placement of the characters is starting to look sloppy.

Blocking? Running away? There's no escape: Team RnK has unbelievable coordination with their Cross Assault combos / setups - SFxT montage
2. On disc DLC should be the NORM. It's stupid to have to connect to the internet to download DLC when it can put it on the disc at launch. Which still requires internet to access. Whip-its are bad for your brain cells.

Kumite in Tennessee results, stream archive and battle logs ft. Justin Wong, Dieminion, PR Balrog, ChrisG, Ricky Ortiz, Mew2King & more
WoZ and ShinSyn both placed in their respective games. I've known those cats from back in the Calamity Trigger days.

Poll: What game do you want to see next from Capcom? Street Fighter 5, Alpha 4, Darkstalkers 4 or another title?
I get that people waited a long time for these sequels but it's about time for some new IPs people. Come on.