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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Poison switches sides mid-combo, chains 6 projectiles together - Desk's latest Ultra Street Fighter 4 combo
I've been a Final Fight loyalist in any game the characters show up in. Feels good to finally have it all pay off. Poison works much better in this game than Street Fighter x Tekken in my opinion. As for Hugo, like my buddy said "Hugo on stronk". He's pretty beastly and Rolento can truly be played like the boss he was in the Final Fight games.

Updated: Sako and Daigo show off the joys of Ultra Street Fighter 4's Edition Select, pits SSF4 Cammy against AE Yun
Why don't we just play Divekick considering that's the only characters people play these days anyway?

Updated: Ultra Street Fighter 4 digital upgrade live on PSN and XBL, new launch trailer; official iOS frame data app live on iTunes
The issue lies with the lack of a title update patch. The DLC isn't what's wrong. It's Sony screwing up again with the Day 1 Digital service and neglecting to have the title update available at the same time as the DLC midnight release which defeats the point of preordering to begin with.

Kazunoko is unaffected by any Seth changes in Ultra Street Fighter 4 - watch him tear through opponents for nearly an hour in this new footage
I agree that Seth got nerfs...that's not up for debate. As for the majority of Seth players complaining about these nerfs are probably relying on his gimmicks too much and really aren't great Seth players without his gimmicks. Every character has gimmicks and some are so good, players tend to forget how to actual use the character and their tools. Step it up and show us what Seth is about instead of dropping him because ...

Ultra Street Fighter 4 balance changes to Poison, Hugo, Rolento and Elena
Actually Rolento's gotten better for the most part since now he has the ability to frame trap with cr.MK. The thing that's going to hurt him is the lack of a reliable wakeup attack since invincibility has been removed on EX Patriot Circle.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 balance changes to Poison, Hugo, Rolento and Elena
I'm still scratching my head at the Rolento changes. Not sure if they are buffs or nerfs. Doesn't seem all that great. Is Mekong Delta Attack and Air Raid all that good? Seems like new abilities they gained such as FADCs are outweighted by how unsafe they are on block. Looks like they just nerfed a lot of his normals which is what he relies on. Does anybody know of the uses for Ultra 2? ...

Ryu may have a brink-of-death reset combo in Ultra Street Fighter 4 - XMikexSonicX demonstrates using the KingBlackToof SSF4 AE v2012 PC mod
Nujabes is the bomb. E.A.D.

Microsoft announces Xbox One without Kinect, $399 beginning June 9; SSF4 AE v2012 free for Gold subscribers next month

First look at Akuma in Street Fighter Assassin's Fist, also Catalyst takes his shirt off for a photo
Let's all nitpick and hate on this because it's clearly as bad as the movies we got. *sarcasm This looks much closer to the characters than what the previous movies have offered.

PR Balrog: U.S. scene doesn't help each other enough, in Japan players will teach even if it means they'll get beat
FGC = High School