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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Rolento setups: Jump HP hits from the front but makes him land behind his opponent, more ambiguous jump-ins and other tips from RyuApprentice
Thanks for always working on Rolento tech. I've been trying to make him my secondary but his effectiveness in online play was starting to become discouraging.

Ono tweets cryptic picture about new fighting game, states that staff has gathered to start work
I'm putting my money that this hint is merely saying it's Street Fighter related. Sucks because I REALLY think Capcom would benefit a lot more by creating a Capcom All Stars type fighting game instead of another Street Fighter game. That's perfectly fine if they include SF characters however they should use this game as a vehicle to revitalize interest in dead franchises like Onimusha, Rival Schools, Mega Man, Dino Crisis and more. Kind of ...

Blind player competes at Evolution, says, 'If you're playing me... don't hold back'
James Fink is a great dude. Old school as hell and so real it hurts.

Kano officially revealed as playable in Mortal Kombat X, gameplay and new stage shown off
I can't wait for Ermac.

Sako's Elena comeback on Marq Teddy's Guy, Gamerbee battles Momochi - more USF4 EVO 2014 replays ft. Xian, Mago, FChamp, and others
Why did Capcom change Guy's 2-frame reversal at the 11th hour? Not saying it was going to be viable in that particular match but being able to blow up safe jumps outside of U2 would've been a nice buff.

Daigo (Evil Ryu) battles Mago (Fei Long) in Ultra Street Fighter 4; Tokido faces Niroyasu's Dhalsim
Ultimate Master. I never even seen that before. That title was shimmering lmao.

Sako talks about his experience playing BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, and why he's only competing in Ultra Street Fighter 4 at EVO 2014
Hopefully he never loses to Guile so that infamous quote can't be stamped on him.

Capcom Japan issues the 1st prize codes for Ultra Street Fighter 4; enter them to unlock 2 of 17 prize titles now
I want Mike Ross as a title and icon.

StormKubo's rushdown Hugo decimates all: Rolento, Evil Ryu, Abel and M. Bison fall prey in this Ultra Street Fighter 4 arcade v1.01 video
Loving the Final Fight cast right now. Rotating between them all covers all my matchups while playing characters I actually like. No more forced counterpicks.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 headed to PS Now; can be played on PS4 and PS Vita - beta launches July 31st
All you guys do is complain.