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Past comments by Tokyobassist
Guilty Gear Xrd roundup: High & Mid-level match footage, DLC colors preview, Faust item throw tech, Sol Badguy combos and more
That double Bandit Bringer in that Sol combo video is so sick. I knew it had to be possible but it must be either character specific or setup specific. Not sure what the case maybe but it's lab time. Can't wait to see some Potemkin tech to drop.

How to unlock all Smash Bros. Wii U characters and stages: Get your copy 'tournament ready' with CLASH Tournaments' step by step unlock guide
That makes no sense. How do you explain time released characters in arcades like the Tekken games, Street Fighter IV or even Soul Calibur? It's not a conspiracy. Just play the game.

SSB4: Mega Man - Down air attack
Hard Knuckle gives Mega Man the fearsome ability several other characters have the luxury of performing offstage KOs. Very few characters can get a KO offstage without sacrificing themselves however with Rush Coil giving Mega Man the boost that he needs chasing after opponents shouldn't be overlooked as an option. Make sure you're centered above the opponent before you launch a shot as missing the sweet spot might launch opponents horizontally instead of spiking them ...

SSB4: Mega Man - Backward air attack
Slash Claw can launch on the final third hit and if used in tandem with short hops and Flame Sword (Forward Tilt+A), it can be a very effective tool for close combat for Mega Man who is limited on close-ranged options. Due to the recovery of short hopping Flame Sword and Slash Claw, opponents will have a harder time punishing Mega Man while being forced to play conservatively due to it's mild KO potential.

SSB4: Mega Man - Rush Coil
An interesting property with Rush Coil is that if it is used while grounded, Mega Man can bounce off Rush twice before he disappears. This is useful when utilized with the double jump and his various moves such as Metal Blade, Flame Sword (Forward Tilt+A) and Slash Claw (Back Tilt+A) to stay suspended in the air for an indefinite amount of time as long as Rush is on a solid surface. Can be used defensively ...

SSB4: Mega Man - Down Smash Attack
The Flame Blast from Mega Man 6. This is somewhat of an overlooked move as it has a long recovery time however it hits on both sides with pillars of fire that great for launching opponents off stages vertically for KOs. It's great for punishing rolls and can function as an anti-air with proper timing or delayed if the opponent air-dodges. More useful than Up-Tilt+A (Mega Uppercut) as an effective anti-air. Doesn't change it's attributes ...

SSB4: Mega Man - Left/Right Smash Attack
The iconic charged Mega Buster shot is one of the more unique Smash Attacks in the game. Like most characters, charging the Smash Attack increases the damage. However Mega Man's Smash Attack grows not only in damage but hitbox size and range as well. The full charge goes at least half the distance of Final Destination from one end to the middle of the stage. Like most Smash Attacks, whiffing the move can lead to ...

USF4: Guy - Far Standing Medium Kick
- Deceptive range - Can compete with many low hitting moves. - Hard to punish on block - Used as a footsie tool when out of range mid screen - Useful for controlling space in the corner in tandem with Standing MP.

USF4: Guy - Overhead
- Hits twice so it can beat focus attacks. - Kara-cancellable before the first hit. Great for faking an overhead into Run > Slide for a hard knockdown but can be special-cancelled into virtually anything. - Safe at max range and hard to punish when performed close.

Older Capcom fighting games less prone to glitches? Street Fighter Alpha 2 video proves otherwise - bugs more severe than in Ultra Street Fighter 4
Seriously could you have made an even bigger clickbait article than this? Growing the FGC my ass. This article is as immature as the idiots you're calling out.