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Past comments by Tidestick
Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon shares how Scorpion's iconic 'GET OVER HERE' line was created
Gave me goosebumps lol

DC Fandome's inclusion of Ed Boon has fans hopeful for an Injustice 3 announcement but we shouldn't set high expectations just yet
There will be no announcements on games

What are the most overpowered projectiles seen in a NetherRealm Studios game?
Dr Fate can be cheap as hell.

Mortal Kombat 11 player pulls off hardest Brutality in the game by blowing both characters up and receives props from Ed Boon
Its not the input. It's how to do it that makes it hard to pull off. I don't play mk11 to win anymore, ill die trying to do brutalities.

New Bandai Namco patent could change the way players learn Tekken 8 and more future fighting games
Mk11 has stats right after a match. Tells you what exactly what happened. If some is just throwing me or doing mids or overheads, it tells me in percentages and I use that info in the next match. Stil haven't figured out sfv whith their pie diagram. Tells me nothing, but aggressive or something like that

She brings some Guilty Gear flavor, but still feels like she fits right in with the Samurai Shodown cast — EventHubs Baiken review
The netcode was no worse than sfv nc, but its not so players left in droves. Samsho was/is one my favorite fg to play, but there is absolutely noone on psn which saddens me

Some of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe's Heroic Brutalities were so comically bad they were actually awesome
I would like to see injustice in a 3d plane like tekken. I think it would work now. Both have 1,1,2 as combos.

Looks like Capcom answered whether or not they plan on showcasing Luke at Tokyo Game Show
Could've made the title kof 15 centric since they know there will be lots info and made Luke the small footnote, buuuu, nah.

Injustice's red band trailer certainly showcases why the movie is rated R
For real. Dc animated films are so good.i wish they would port one directly to the big screen.

Remembering Street Fighter 4's 5 biggest blunders
You know what I hated about 4? is that 5 came after it.