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Rumor: Major unannounced Capcom, NetherRealm and Bandai Namco fighting games reportedly data-mined from Nvidia's servers
I really inj3. So many characters they could pull from. Sf6, t8 well, you already know who gonna be in it. Getting kinda lame. Base characters will be dlc, dlc characters will be base, sprinkle in a few new characters.

Cyber-Akuma costume announced for Street Fighter 5 and it's coming next week
Think I'm done with this game, again. I tried , but just can't. The dlc characters do nothing for me and of course online. Can't even play. First time, game it lags, I bounce. Not putting up with that, but yall go head.

Sony's Future of PlayStation 5 showcase live stream
I dont even care for anime games. What even is that? I do like fighters though, it's just that games these days are too big I guess. For instance, I recently finished gtav. Took me five years though lol. I just don't have time or patience for these long drawn out 40÷ hour games anymore. Im been playing rdr2 for 2 year and im only halfway done i think.I miss when games were more linear ...

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