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You can play Street Fighter 5 Type Arcade stateside exclusively at Round 1 arcades
Why would you pay money to play sfv? Lol

How to perform all Krushing Blows in Mortal Kombat 11
I really wish they could have put a physical manuel in the game with the move lists and the tech in it. I hate using the pause 😑

Why I feel bad for Ono, how we think the future of Street Fighter 5 will play out, our one gripe with Shang Tsung, SNK cuts lag in half, and more
No I would not want to play sfv. I havent played that game in 3 years. Go straight to sf5. Not playing sfv did help me get better at other fighting games so thats the only positive thing I can say about five.ps. sfv was never fun to me

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