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Past comments by Theshredder39
More Tekken stuff is being worked on that Bandai Namco is looking forward to announce — does this mean a Season 3 for Tekken 7?
I’f be interested in a Season 3 just to see how in the hell they plan on topping an addition like Negan.

Battle Royales are the biggest trend in gaming right now with Apex Legends and Tetris 99, so what could fighting games do to get in on the action?
If anyone has played Anarchy Reigns, that game had a battle royale mode, it’s not quite a fighting game sure but I could at least see that format working for arena fighters, arena fighters in general I think have sort of a basis to go off of for a battle royale since they usually have really open stages anyway, just open that up to a bigger world map where people can fight each other. For ...

Voice actor for Ken Masters and Devil May Cry's Dante uninjured but nearly killed in car robbery attempt
His Royal Guard game is strong. Glad he’s okay.

Jump Force is starting to get internet hate for its less than impressive cut scene visuals
Honestly this doesn’t seem that different from some of the DBZ games, bpth Xenoverse games included. Model quality is different sure but the cutscenes still have that soulless feel to them.

Waluigi is decimating everyone in Nintendo's Valentine's Day poll right now with a nearly 1 million-vote lead
This isn’t entirely true, there was a good amount of people asking for him to be in Smash 4, his fans just weren’t as loud ss they are now. You are probably right about the memes though because in the Brawl days I barely remember anyone asking for Waluigi to be playable. I’m sure there are people who unironically wanted him playable but it was a very small group at that time and this was ...

Ed Boon addresses Mortal Kombat 11 leaks on Twitter, Injustice 2 leak history might be repeating itself
I have nothing but respect for a game developer who can make light of leaks for their game as opposed to freaking out alongside the rest of the development team, they don’t need to waste energy on that, once it’s out it’s out, best you can dp now is try and make sure nothing else gets leaked.

PC mods: Street Fighter 5 gets Marvel Comics' Venom and it might be the best fighting game mod we've ever seen
He’s a little tiny compared to the Venoms I’m used to but it does look pretty great visually.

You're going to 'freak out' when you see Mortal Kombat 11's DLC characters, says series co-creator Ed Boon
You know what I can see the DLC roster this time around being characters they pull from the 3D games more. Like okay, let’s say Jade is DLC when she’s announced sure Jade fans are gonna be super happy, but we saw her 2 games ago already so it’s more like she skipped a game and is coming back. Now let’s say a completely revamped Movado gets in or Havik or any of those guys, ...

Project Z reveal coming at 4 p.m. PST; we'll need to wait until grand finals for the Big Dragon Ball FighterZ announcement at Red Bull Final Summoning
At this point I don’t care about Jiren or whoever else gets added I just want to know if they’ll fix the online. It takes way too long to get matched up with people in this game. Getting future DLC characters isn’t goong to mean anything if I can barely even play the game.

Speed of matches being looked at by Dragon Ball FighterZ team for Season 2
I dunno if bar building needs improvement. You build meter very fast in this game already.