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Blizzard producers think that an Overwatch representative would be really cool for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but it's up to Nintendo
I don’t play Overwatch but I would like to see the game’s characters in fighting games or third person action games so I’d be down.

Extra invincibility, pretend charging, unblockable normals, and much more... Desk reveals five big ways the computer cheated in Street Fighter 2
Meanwhile SNK games and the older Mortal Kombats will read your inputs on like frame 0. That can work to your advantage sometimes cause sometimes you can throw out a lights to get them to do something stupid and then punish accordingly, that only takes you so far though.

The Shadow Lady boss is straight up a Marvel vs. Capcom character put into Street Fighter 5 and it's pretty busted
I always wanted a Street Fighter spinoff game where the gameplay is that of the Vs. games so this was fun to see. I suppose the closest thing to that existing is Rival Schools, hope they make a new one of those.

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