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This user joined EventHubs on February 10, 2011.
Games, skill levels & characters
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Ultra Street Fighter 4
Mortal Kombat 9
Past comments
Street Fighter 5's CFN update now available for pre-download - trials vol. 2, balance changes added and already playable
jeez, Giefs throw animation looks wonky as hell.

Capcom deals finishing blow to the RZR_INFILTRATION ACCOUNT - Tool Assisted finds himself banned from CFN
I agree. They should ban Smug for ragequitting on RZR_INFLITRATION. He deserved to lose those points, kappa.

Update: New colors for F.A.N.G and Necalli in Street Fighter 5; all intros and Critical Arts performed in alternate costumes
I just took another look. And I think it has to do with character levels, not survival. I think they give you colors 11 and 12 by default, and color 13 if you're above level 10. My bison is at level 22 and I don't have color 14 so maybe you get it at level 25, I'm assuming.

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