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Past comments by Supmg
'I am Kazaam!' - Can Kenny Smith survive Shaquille O' Neal's Jason Vorhees fury in MKX?
you'll always be fadelesswolf to me macombo john

USF4: Fei Long - Diagonal Jump Light Kick

USF4: Fei Long - Crouching Heavy Kick
fei longs sweep is very fast (6 frame startup) and deals decent damage. It also helps fei long low profile under certain moves. The problem is that it has a deceivingly short range, is -9 on block, and has long recovery. Sweep can be comboed from a close stand medium punch to set up an untechable knockdown.

USF4: Fei Long - Diagonal Jump Medium Kick
this move is fei longs most reliable cross up. Remember on a crossup attempt, hit you opponent as deep as possible in order to keep yourself safe from some mashing an invincible reversal in between the jump medium kick and your blockstring starter.

USF4: Fei Long - Far Standing Light Punch
fei longs stand jab has good range for a light attack, is a 3 frame normal, is special cancelable, and has fast recovery (7 frames). The move can be used as a decent anti air as well. Working stand jab into your bnb with rekka is useful as the link from stand jab to couch jab is a 3 frame link while the link from crouch jab to crouch jab is a 1 frame link. ...

USF4: Abel - Forward Kick
This move is the starter for abels amazing 50/50 playstyle. The move has great range and is fast enough to be used a a solid whiff punisher. On hit, it is +4 meaning that you can combo into close standing hard punch cancel in his bnb for a damaging combo. On block, it is +1 which puts abel in a good situation to make a read on what there opponent will do. As abel will ...

USF4: Abel - Tornado Throw
Tornado throw is abels 5 frame command grab. This grab lacks the speed of a traditional grapplers 2 frame command grab which means players dont have to worry about an abel player mashing command grab during blockstrings, but has properties that make up for this. The normal versions all have throw invincibility, which is very good against opponents who like to mash grab in close quarter situations. The light. medium, and heavy versions follow the ...

USF4: Fei Long - Red Focus Attack
The best moves for fei long to cancel with red focus as close standing hard punch, close standing medium punch, and close standing hard kick as you will have enough time to combo into the crumple. fei long red focus doesnt have the same utility as say yun or dudley, but it does add something to fei longs game. The best time to use is to add more damage to you close standing hard punch ...

USF4: Fei Long - Far Standing Heavy Kick
This is another anti for fei long. You can use it to hit opponents trying to jump in from a long distance or hit characters with floaty jumps (ex. chun li, elena). Also it may be a better option to use this move as an anti air to beat out hard to flame kick jump ins like bison or zangiefs jumping fierce. But overall, you want to primarily train yourself to flame kick all jump ...

USF4: Fei Long - Close Standing Heavy Punch
this move is your go to option when you want to punish your opponent from up close as it is fei longs fastest (4 frame startup) and most damaging special cancelable move. You dont want to just throw out the move by itself though as it is both punishable on hit or block if it is not canceled into anything. The move can also be used as an anti air or cross up anti air, ...