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F.A.N.G revealed as Street Fighter 5's final launch character
The moves are chinese oldschool kungfu. I really like that. BUT ... the design i'm not sure about. I don't get that super tall skinny look. It would have worked really good if it were a small chinese dude!

First gameplay footage of King of Fighters 14, character select screen shown
This look like the got improoved since what they showed in their trailers until now. It is kind of hard to tell since this is footage off screen. Ok, so ... this looks very good. It is like having the heart and soul of the original KOF games from the '90s. NeoGeo games for me from that period were better than the Capcom games that followed SF2.

The dictator is more fearsome than ever in Street Fighter 5 - Feel the terror of psycho power with this comprehensive M. Bison combo video
I would prefer they gave him back the ability to control him in mid air while you perform Devil's Reverse follow up. That was really useful in SF4.

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