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5 Street Fighter 5 characters who have relatively balanced risk vs. reward
This list is complete BS except for Sakura which is actually decently balanced. The rest of the characters here have at least some level of low risk - high reward scummyness. Zangief - V-Trigger setups and s.hp fishing to activate which contracts his hurtbox. Kage - VT buffed VS2. This BS is bonkers. Blanka - VT2 is some of the scummiest BS in the game. He's plus on block and if it hits you it ...

Fan asks for vague hint about Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new mechanic and receives clip of anime car
My bet for the mechanic is letting the character wake up with a forward roll to help escape check-mate situations in the corner. Spend one v-gauge, roll out of the corner and dodge dangerous oki - simple yet effective.

If Capcom attends to only one thing with their next Street Fighter 5 balance patch, my hope is they'll further reevaluate problem V-Triggers
The biggest problems with V-Trigger are the damage and the duration. These problems are definitely present in some characters more than others, but I still feel like a broad system change would go a long way in solving the problem. Like a lot of characters get a long combo extension while they are in V-Trigger that does a boat load of damage. And those combos are even conformable off of safe pokes that normally don't ...

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