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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's latest patch removes Denuvo DRM anti-piracy software from PC version
They're removing the piracy check probably because they aren't renewing their contract with the company. Basically it's not worth Capcom paying the company to protect the game anymore - it's dead.

'If people want a verdict from me, then it is this: Ryu is weak... so weak it gives me the shivers' - Daigo on Season 3.5 of Street Fighter 5
I am okay with where Ryu is at right now. He is definitely weaker than characters like Akuma and Guile by a wide margin, but you can still win if you outplay the opponent. On one hand, it would be nice if they juiced my main up a little, but on the other hand I think it would be a turn off if he suddenly started to dominate the game. After all, he is the ...

Update: Which Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition characters were in most in need of nerfs before the Season 3.5 announcement?
Damage needs to be further normalized across the entire cast. That's basically the biggest problem in the game by far. As you go up the tier list you find more and more characters that get explosive damage in situations where it isn't warranted. Obviously I'm talking about Abigail, but not just Abigail.

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