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Street Fighter 5's 'jiggling breasts' and 'large amounts of cleavage and/or buttocks' secure a T rating from the ESRB
How is this news? SF4 was T, SF4AE was T, USF4 was T, there's only been 2 street fighters that ever got an E rating.

Nearly 100 BlazBlue competitors and almost 200 Guilty Gear fighters already registered for CEOTaku; check out the full numbers list here
Disrespecting mahvel with that 1 second flash ad.

Life of GamerBee: Bruce reveals annual salary, talks about leaving the hotel industry to be a pro gamer
Basically gamerbee did math and figured out that pro gaming was more than him working a regular 9-5 job. this isn't sacrificing a career to do something he's passionate about, more of its a better business decision and is something he happens to like. Are you surprised that an Asian can do math?

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