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3 important lessons we've learned about using V-Shift effectively in Street Fighter 5
They introduced this to late in the games meta. It changes the game along as there are basically no more 50/50 guesses. They should have introduced this last season. It changes the game too much. My biggest problem with vshift is that even when you punish a vshift the opponent gets rewarded with more vgauge. This creates an endless loop where theoretically they could vshift after every knock down. I have punished vshifts 3 times ...

PlayStation 5 loads Street Fighter 5 up twice as fast PlayStation 4, but still not nearly as quickly as PC
Faster than a pc? What pc? Gives us a benchmark and does not specify anything about the primary test subject.

I want to love Street Fighter 5 but its 'all-or-nothing' nature really makes it difficult to do so
i play gief so every street fighter game is the same. Bully opponent to corner. Knock opponent down. Mix opponent up until ko.

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