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Past comments by Semy28
This Urien V-Trigger 2 combo in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition never ends

This might be the longest Ultra Street Fighter 4 Seth combo in existence
I'd buy sf4 for the training stage alone. The game is such a gold mine for fun and challenging combos.

Here is why May 9 is recognized as 'Goku Day' in Japan
I take any reason to celebrate.

Will Capcom's apparent fear of Rekka characters continue with Akira in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?
had theirs* removed

Capcom confirms which netcode changes happened in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's latest update
I prefer having more stuttering over teleports.

Capcom scrapped plans for these Street Fighter 4 DLC mech costumes but Udon is giving us a glimpse via this awesome concept art
Literally every costume that has been scrapped, looks better than any that made it into the game, especially these.

Is Ryu's Thrust Strike any good after the matchmaking update buffs? Daigo certainly isn't impressed
My reaction on the whole game.

How well does Street Fighter 5's roster represent the franchise as a whole? Let's have a look at how many returnees each past game got in SF5
The Cast doesn't matter to me, if almost all of the characters are missing the depth, that past entries delivered.

'Coming from someone who loves Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 5 is very technical' — Gustavo '801 Strider' Romero tells us how to level up
well said.

Teppen's love for the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers series continue to shine through its awesome and detailed artwork
The artworks are so fascinating, I couldn't stop myself from trying the game out.