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EVO 2019 results
Can't participate in stream chat because Capcom would rather collect a few hundred dollars in sub money (pocket change to a huge company like Capcom) and alienate 99% of the community. I hope it was worth it. Dishonorable, Ryu would never approve this!

Should Daigo's Gafro controller be banned? Should Cammy be nerfed? Should people be flipping Punk the bird? The answers lie in the EventHubs Podcast
From Parry God, to Master Shill, and now an outright cheater! Daigo: The Rise and Fall of a Legend!

Capcom Home Arcade is a plug and play arcade stick unit that brings 16 classic games to your living room
Yeah WTF 2 player 6 button layout with no Super Turbo. And who at Capcom authorized the body design. P2 side looks nerfed. WutFace!!!!

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