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Infiltration returns to the Capcom Pro Tour soon, how will the community receive him?
Alleged doesnt mean involved mf

Street Fighter 5 reaches 3.1 million copies sold while Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 break into Capcom's updated best-sellers list
Sfv released after the hype of usf4 and with the digital sales. It certainly had the wind on its back but the devs ruined the tecnical apritiation of a comp fighting game and make it so accesable to the point anybody can beat daigo! NO I dont want to see anybody beating daigo. I want to see pongoo traning day and night, stressfully beating daigo! No wonder many people fired or replaced. They ding ruin ...

Stop asking for the wrong balance changes; why Japan's days as top dog are numbered; the sexiest thing you can do in Street Fighter 5 and more
Dicks out for velociraptor! Lets just admit the blunt truth. SFV is doing far worse than sf4 comparing the financihal and media hype. SFV is like the bizarest useage of achumulated fighting game knowlage and resources just burry the damn thing and move on to next

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