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Past comments by Roknin
How getting blown up in Battleship helped me find the balance between using heart and mind in fighting games
Interesting read. That's actually something I struggle with, as I've always been a "by feel" player and have been trying to be more scientific in the last few years. I think I came to a similar stet of conclusions: 1) Improving in competitive anything requires a mix of hard knowledge and intuition 2) How much of either is really down to each individual. For me, swimming too deep into the science end of the pool ...

If you enjoy watching and playing Street Fighter 5, Capcom's lack of communication isn't necessarily a reason to stop
People who actually play the game are probably just at home, quietly practicing and enjoying the game for what it is. Meanwhile on ye' ole' interwebs...

If you enjoy watching and playing Street Fighter 5, Capcom's lack of communication isn't necessarily a reason to stop
Rarely post but wanted to say a couple things. First, really enjoy the podcast, been listening consistently so I'm familiar with the tone you speak of in regards to the lack of content lol. But yeah, I think most of the community that is online does what it does best: amplify negativity. Not to say Capcom's communication isn't utterly terrible, but looking on social media and seeing people legitimately say "if they don't give me ...

Five times Capcom really got it right with Street Fighter 5
I really feel the in-game frame data doesn't get enough respect, probably because it's such an admittedly "small" thing in the scheme of things... but it's such a good tool. I do wish they'd implement some sort of CFN-based messaging, though something tells me the lack of that is intentional.

Stream Monster University teaches you how to be your worst, Ernesto Lopez cites EventHubs commenters Xykes and Zephyrus as top students was cool until the name drops, because both those names are the wrong names to drop. They're literally the polar opposite of what he described them as. Xykes in particular is a content creator and actually has contributed to the FGC. Whoever name dropped them to you was being a POS and did so because they don't personally like his position to not **** on Capcom just because it's the thing to do (and ...

'I think [Falke] is the most poorly designed character in Street Fighter 5' - VesperArcade's review on Falke
Unfortunately that would take effort. And effort (or thinking for any longer than t takes to type up 280 characters) is a lost art on the internet.

Young Zeku's heavy attacks have extra recovery frames if whiffed - will we see more of this for crush counter buttons in Arcade Edition?
Anything that nerfs CC normals in neutral to make fishing less prominent and challenging normals more rewarding, I'm all for it.

What's the source of toxic negativity in the fighting game community and how do we overcome it?
Every comment that jumped right to Capcom without even attempting to actually answer the OTHER forms of negativity mentioned in the article, proves the point. People are happier dumping on things than dropping said thing and being happy. People are happier dumping on other people for doing or being something they personally don't like, than being themselves and helping lift others up. Because that takes effort. That's actually hard to do. Being a negative POS ...

EventHubs 10-year anniversary - the laughter, tears and salt
First and foremost, thank you for your work. I've talked crap at times out of saltiness, but real talk: I visit here darn-near daily, and you guys do good work. Man... I remember first visiting in 2009 I think? Was thirsty for SSFIV info and between here and SRK, my browsers rarely went anywhere else. To be around so long... Not many sites can claim that. Here's to another 10 years!

What we're enjoying about Street Fighter 5 despite its obvious issues
I agree with a mesh of the ideas in the OP. Option selects by far were one of the big things I abhorred about SFIV, with unblockables right under that. It made a lot of the game after a knockdownfeel as though it made decisions for you. I had to read up on character knowledge more than learning who I was playing against. This is also part of what moved me to SFxT, as it's ...