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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
King of Fighters 14
Mortal Kombat XL
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YouTube appears to be red flagging certain Mortal Kombat-related terms; content creator reports demonetization for specific sequences and phrases
I mean that’s the same with radio and television. Are those not jobs to you? While the content is what people come for, it doesn’t make money for the station unless there are ads. While I don’t make video’s I do think you may underestimate the amount of time and effort some of these people put in. They have a right to be paid for it and if it can be done to support themselves ...

The next Guilty Gear will be simpler with fewer mechanics, but which ones should go?
I mean just take out danger time and everything else should be good in my opinion.

Mega Man 11 trailer marks the return of the Blue Bomber to gaming
They're releasing a megaman x collection with megaman x through x8 as well. Can't wait for all these to come out.

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