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New Street Fighter 5 Rage Quit penalty implemented - 24 hour ban and 1000 LP loss for serial rage quitters
Thats right, if you want to stop rage quitting. Remove points and class(gold , diamond, etc). And only take in account amount of winnings. With rage quitting equivalent to 2 losses.

'Street Fighter 5 is a return to the series' roots' - Matt Dahlgren talks mechanics, Easter eggs, in-game currency and how SF vs. MK won't ever happen
I see it the other way around , i think that sf v is more of a mixture of all sf . With the counter , target combos, ideas from previous games , nothing seems too original. Then again is mi vision of the game. And by no means i tellin that sf v looks bad , but its seems that something is lacking idk maybe another super , etc

Ryu dashes through Guile's UC2 Sonic Hurricane unscathed - how is this possible? A new glitch in Ultra Street Fighter 4?
this is old tech i remeber doing this in super, in fact if guile throws his sonic hurricane and you are in the corner, i used to dash so the ultra whiffs.The reason of why this happened i dont have any clue.

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